Thrifting USA: Thriftstores Inspire Secondhand Summer Styles

Thrifting USA: Thriftstores Inspire Secondhand Summer Styles

by Melissa Arens

Thrifting is now one of the most common ways to shop and the most sought after way to express personal style. I have enjoyed thrifting for quite some years now, for multiple reasons.

As a boutique owner, thrifting allows for a much more personal style than shopping new wholesale lines with the same runs of clothing you will find at market, and those are being sold at several local boutiques in the area and all throughout the U.S.

Thrifting allows you to choose authentic pieces from the recent decades and put them together for that perfect expression of how you see and feel your personal style.

Mostly I enjoy thrifting because it gives you that amazing rush and the excitement of finding that one perfect piece. Maybe that one perfect piece is made of good quality material, like “genuine leather, Made in Italy” or you find that one perfect piece from your favorite decade. Maybe whatever you find has some high quality name brand you personally love, and — most importantly — it’s at a price you can afford paying.

While traveling, thrifting allows you to bring a piece of style back from wherever you go, and it can be fun to hunt for those perfect outfits you can score!

I enjoyed getting to travel across the Western states and the West Coast (my favorite area in the U.S.) to do some major thrifting for Mayapple Salon and Boutique! From Oklahoma City to the mountains of New Mexico, through the Mojave desert all the way to downtown Los Angeles, here are some of the looks and pieces that I personally found and brought back to Fayetteville.

All hair and make up styling by Melissa Arens *All clothing available at Mayapple Boutique

Clothing thrifted from Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, N.M., Flag Staff, Ariz.., Los Angeles, Calif. (in the downtown fashion district, Venice beach and Mojave Desert).

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