Dog Scratchin'

Dog Scratchin'

Artist Linda Sheets

Fayetteville Artist Linda Sheets is creating an illustrated book of rescue dog drawings. Known for her whimsical  scratchboard drawings, Sheets is now collaborating with local publisher Liz Lester to provide a book, filled with drawings of real rescued dogs from across the nation, to local and national animal rescue groups.

To make this book available to rescue groups, Sheets needs fundraising of her own. To help make “Dog Scratchin’” a reality, you can donate to her kickstarter campaign until April 7.


Those who participate in the fundraising campaign will be offered various rewards based on the amount pledged. Some of the rewards include you and your dog in the book, or the original artwork used to illustrate your dog. See the kickstarter link and website for more information. It is hoped the project will be available at Amazon and other spaces in the Fall 2012.

You can email Linda at or see her website at;  phone 512-825-1546.


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