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Apple in the News 1) As a fruit of their labor (or perhaps foreign labor), the company reached the $500 billion milestone a week ago. Though it was already the


Occupy Your Mind

Understanding the State and its creation, the corporation. Has the creation gotten more powerful than the creator?

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Curious Crow

I don’t understand how anyone can like the ever-bloated, arrogant Rush Limbaugh. Recently, he’s been under fire for his disgusting remarks he made about Georgetown University law student, Sandra Fluke.


From the Ivory Tower

Crossing the Line — Israel is getting hot and bothered for a war, which was made apparent during Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on

Cover Story


A new wave of technological innovation has left a new form of waste in its wake. We look at the local and global responses to this new form of electronic waste.


Q&A With El Ten Eleven's Kristian Dunn

As if playing the double-necked bass isn’t badass enough, Kristian Dunn flies helicopters in his spare time.

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Your Roots are Showing

  The Roots Festival lineup is scheduled to be revealed during a kick-off party at the Greenhouse Grille on March 18. Tickets are on sale for $15. The party will

Advice Advice Goddess

The Spinster Cycle

I am a 32-year-old woman with a Ph.D. I’m beyond happy with my career, but I’m not meeting men I’m impressed with or inspired to see again …

Advice Risa's Astrology

What on Earth Will it Take?

“Thrive” explains the new physics, unveils government and money coverups, global consolidation of power controlling all aspects of daily life and offers real solutions to empowerment, activism and how to reclaim our lives …

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The fresh indie-rock band is serious about playing, both on stage and in life.