News Bites

News Bites

Apple in the News

1) As a fruit of their labor (or perhaps foreign labor), the company reached the $500 billion milestone a week ago. Though it was already the most profitable company in the world, the $500 billion milestone is one that only five other companies have reached, and that none have sustained.

2) Proview Electronics is still trying to take a bite out of Apple. The Taiwan-based company has moved to have its 2009 sale of the iPad trademark voided. The company is also suing Apple Inc. for purported fraud and unfair competition. There is no sign that Apple will be willing to settle out of court to resolve the legal conflict.

Proview released its own version of an Internet Personal Access Device in 2000. The product was not successful, and the company sold the trademark to a special-purpose company IP Application Development, Ltd., that purchased the trademark on behalf of Apple. Proview argues that Apple intentionally misled the company into a fraudulent transaction. Experts say such tactics of secrecy are common in the technology industry, especially in circumstances surrounding the release of a new product.


General Patent

A wind-turbine plant in Fort Smith is one step closer to opening its doors. The plant, which uses equipment built by Mitsubishi, has been involved in a patent dispute with General Electric. Out of the three complaints issued by GE, one patent had expired, the other was ruled as having no infringement, and one has been sent to the International Trade Commission for review.

Leaders involved with the wind-turbine plant seem confident that the ITC will find no patent violations, and are optimistic about the plant opening before 2013. When it opens, the plant will employ approximately 330 people. Fort Smith’s unemployment rate is currently at 8 percent.


Road to Fruition

Once upon a time, the Razorback Greenway was a concept. Now, the 36-mile trail, which will connect the major cities of NWA through trails and biking paths, is coming together with support from the community and city officials. As large-scale networks of foot and bike trails are reaching completion in Bentonville, Fayetteville, Springdale and Rogers, planners are evaluating the best ways to connect these trails together.


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