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Vinyl Renaissance

From marketing to manufacturing, the vinyl renaissance in the modern world has in some way been aided by the unlikely sidekick of digital technology.

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Dog Scratchin'

Fayetteville Artist Linda Sheets is creating an illustrated book of rescue dog drawings. Known for her whimsical  scratchboard drawings, Sheets is now collaborating with local publisher Liz Lester to provide


Curious Crow

Pat Robertson has made it back into the news recently after a brief hiatus. He’s like a demented prairie dog that pops his barmy little head out of his hole, mouths off something irrational and then drops back out of sight.


Ozark Writers: They Keep on Going & Going…

A brief history of the Ozark Poets and Writers Collective and a calendar of the group’s upcoming events.

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The Possum Flies Once More

At the new location at 33 Block Ave., Bob Walker is busy at work restoring his brother’s legacy of leather-working in Fayetteville.

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Game Review: Mass Effect 3

It’s all been building up to this. Members of the alien race known as the Reapers are launching attacks across the galaxy. Other alien races are crumbling, and the enemy is on humanity’s doorstep. Earth has little time before the Reapers deal the crushing blow. But not all hope is lost.

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Natural Gas Prices

This article is the first in a series that will explore the natural gas industry, largely to understand the environmental impacts of extraction and to advocate for protection of water, air and the land.

Advice Risa's Astrology

St. Patrick's Day

Saturday, Aquarius moon, is St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick taught the Trinity, the three Aspects of God, Will, Love/Wisdom & Intelligence with three-leaf clovers.


From the Ivory Tower

Rising protest against the remaining 90,000 troops in Afghanistan has increased across the occupied country in light of recent events. The outcry against U.S. forces has reached Washington, where the Obama Administration is considering withdrawing an additional 10,000 troops by the end of this year.

Legacy Archive

Lard of the Dance

My wife said that I obviously love food more than her, and that if I won’t lose weight for her, maybe I’ll do it for our boys. She considers me self-centered and narcissistic because I’m not losing enough weight, and I consider her self-centered and narcissistic for framing every argument in terms of what she wants and isn’t getting.