A Year of Creative Self-Expression – Jupiter in Leo

By Risa D’Angeles

Wednesday, after a year in Cancer’s nourishing waters, Jupiter enters fiery Leo. Tuesday (next week), the Sun, joining Jupiter, also enters Leo. Leo is the sign of learning about and expressing oneself, identifying the self through creative efforts. Life for the next year will be quite dramatic, expressive, creative and generous. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and truth, distributing Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom. Jupiter is the heart of Aquarius.

Thursday celebrates the opening of Disneyland, fifty-nine years ago (7/17/1955), Orange County, California. With five planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Uranus – in Cancer, Disneyland feels like the enchanted, comforting, exciting and revelatory home we want to live in.

Friday, Venus enters Cancer for a month. There is no sentimentality with Venus in Cancer. There is instead a sustaining nourishment and intelligence offered to all forms of life. These in turn bring forth love used to nourish others. Saturn – taskmaster, teacher, time, Dweller on the Threshold hiding the Angel of the Presence, retrograde (recreating new structures internally) since March 2nd, turns stationary direct (16 Scorpio) Sunday afternoon. Now our tests, disciplines, new reformed structures are able to externalize.

Monday, Uranus, the “planet different” and beyond Saturn, retrogrades. Only after Saturn’s strict teachings and training can we understand Uranus. Uranus changes the established order. Before implementing change we must reflect internally the needs around us. Retrogrades offer the needed reflective time. Uranus retrogrades till December 20th. In time for Winter Solstice, which the NGWS is preparing for. Tuesday, Sun enters Leo, sign of the three fires of life, sign of seeking our individuality, our gifts and our talents. Dramatically.

ARIES: Home, family, land, mother, father and tending to where you live (lived, or will live) are your focus. You seek reassurance in this these areas of life. It’s not Mercury retro yet (that’s in October), but you are always asking internally what will you do and how long will it take to make decisions and bring forth more comforting living conditions. Your body needs concentrated supportive care. Swimming is good (fire in the water). And time in the Sun.

TAURUS: Are you sleeping? Are ideas about travel being impressed upon your mind? There’s a great amount of organizing, restructuring and communicating needed at home. Are you feeling dislocated, disoriented, overwhelmed? What needs discussion and clearing out? Did something from the past appear — resources, finances, a feeling, situation, person or health issue? Where is your support? Who do you love?

GEMINI: Creativity is released internally when relating to children and loved ones, when participating in the arts, playing games and even when looking in the mirror where you see a reflection of your individual and gifted self. Simultaneously, work calls you to make future plans based upon deeply held hopes, wishes, dreams and visions. Love is holding you. Can you feel it? Don’t gamble. Gather and look into more mirrors.

CANCER: A golden light illuminates your life, creating with you a state of contemplation, spirituality and listening for the voice of God. It’s therefore a proper time for rest and relaxation, for pondering the future by gathering all strands of the past, and by listing new aspirations and daily life agendas. Things may feel a bit disciplined. It’s forming a New Harmony as your self-identity restructures.

LEO: Happy Birthday to all Leos. The light of the Sun streams toward you from the heart of the Sun this month into your heart. All three fires of the Sun illuminating you, creating many changes and a lasting ending to many parts of your past. Your gifts are many and needed by humanity. Leos have the ability to have both Will & Love. Sometimes they only radiate one virtue. Radiate both. On this birthday re-dedicate yourself to being the loving partner and leader.

VIRGO: As you ponder upon finances, new ideas appear concerning how to appropriately use (and share) your money appear. It’s possible a new value system emerges based on family (and world) needs. Observe changes in your thinking concerning resources, their availability, source, and how you express yourself through them. Do express yourself with equanimity, with balance and beauty. You must grow a rose garden.

LIBRA: This is a time to review future wishes, hopes and dreams. Take time away from work and social networks to interact with yourself interiorly. New goals, desires and aspirations are forming, recreating new values. You realize the need for Goodwill in all interactions. Goodwill heals past wounds. The planets, shedding light on these issues, are re-shaping your future. Ponder upon what success means to you. Always, for your happiness in life, it must include Right Human Relations and true Goodwill?

SCORPIO: What’s happening to your home, family and foundations? For a long time now, perhaps you’ve felt unmoored and unanchored? There’s a sense of freedom and liberation and expansion? And then there’s a sense of disillusionment and dissolving? These are the tests and trials of Scorpio and they are relentless. The good thing is they create a deep level of creativity to anchor in, creating a new identity. Gratitude recognizes this.

SAGITTARIUS: You long for a true adventure, a bit of travel, opportunities creating a clear and focused heart. You keep exploring your mind trying to make sense of your present world. As your mind expands in one direction other parts dissolve away. Sometimes wounds emerge. It’s like living in a diaspora of realities. Prayer is a respite that helps. Offering succor and support to everyone, including the kingdoms (plant, animal, mineral, human) around you. Know love underlies everything.

CAPRICORN: Attempt a bit more intimacy with loved ones. Intimacy is always communicating together. Reading together, too. At times, it’s reading scientific materials, or reading cookbooks to plan and prepare meals together. You and your family are functioning under divine influences. Watch the stars this week. They send you messages. Their patterns of light and beauty surprising. Have an unexpected party.

AQUARIUS: With all communications in the coming week and months, remember to use a tone of nurturance. You could communicate a sense of uncaring, separateness, criticism and strictness others won’t understand. Emphasize instead the importance of recognizing others, praising their work. Remember to radiate kindness and conscious Goodwill. Let these define you, your interactions and communications. They lead to extraordinary success.

PISCES: Health needs must be focused upon along with creating new agendas – summer and autumn projects. Tend to health, joints, muscles, diet, etc. carefully for the next three months. Visualize ceaseless in creating your new living environment – a community with others. As you work within the constant of continual change, you’ll begin to understand the Buddha’s teachings. Life each day is like a melting ice cube. Careful with loved ones. Find, pick and eat fresh berries.

~Risa – writer, founder & director…

Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute

—-a contemporary Wisdom School studying the Ageless Wisdom teachings. The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.

~Email: risagoodwill@gmail.com

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