Four Angels Around the Square at the Birthday of the United States

By Risa D’Angeles

Saturday is Independence Day and the 238th birthday of the United States. The U.S. Sun is 12 degrees Cancer. Sirius, the blue star where Love originates is 13 Cancer. Sirius and the U.S. are aligned. We are in the sign of Cancer now. Cancer receives and distributes Rays 3 and 7. Anchoring (Ray 7, creating new rhythms) the Light (Ray 3, which contains the new information) on Earth (Ray 3) and into the U.S.

The number 238 (2+3+8) equals 13 = four (4), the square within the circle, the four directions. The square in astrology means we cannot travel in the same direction. We’re challenges us to make a 90-degree turn. This includes a change of elements.

Squares are purposeful, anchoring. Round and round the square we go until we accomplish our essential spiritual task. In the esoteric blue book, “Destiny of the Nations” the purpose of the United States, its spiritual task, is to “stand within and lead humanity towards the Light.” There are helpers in the square – four Angels emanating light, a virtue, guidance, direction, protection and a message.

“At the four corners of the square, the Four Angels are seen. Orange they are, veiled in rosy light. Within each form the yellow flame is seen and round each form the blue. Four words they utter forth. Each day the words take form. From the North: ‘Be pure’. From the South: ‘I dedicate’. From the East, a light divine: ‘Love all’. From the West: ‘I serve’.” Purity, dedication, love and service sum up the nature and destiny of the United States. The angels are potent occult forces, dynamic in their incentive and creative in their result. We ponder upon these things. These are the qualifications of the White Magician leading the Way. We see the four angels lighting candles on the birthday cake of the United States.

ARIES: Are there people you must contact, tasks to complete, bills and correspondences calling your attention? Does your car need a tune-up and/or repairs? Are the technologies you use (computer, cell, etc) need upgrades? Whatever must be done, prepare to work slowly, with care and attention giving yourself and others more time than usual. Have intentions to complete all past work. The Mercury retro shadow lasts two weeks.

TAURUS: Previous financial situations now need your attention. With all monetary interactions, check and recheck for there could be mistakes and changes. It will be important to re-evaluate spending. Know you have many valuable items around which could be sold so you have more capital to work with to meet present financial needs. Soon you will create the new environment you’re being asked to build. When all of the past is over.

GEMINI: You wonder how others see you. It’s important to realize you have leadership abilities. In the next several weeks your thoughts will make you aware of a new self-identity forming. Allow no criticism to undermine your goodness. There may be a challenge (duality) between your real and your judgmental selves. Someone else may activate this. Know your childhood experiences have given you strength to meet these times.

CANCER: Anxiety may be setting up housekeeping in your emotional world. Inform them they are not welcome. Others can assist if you share with them what’s bothering you. Fear and anxiety can become addictive, looping over and over in the lower mind, metaphorically bringing you to your knees. Replace fear with the Soul & Great Invocations. These raise the emotions to the mind where the Soul resides. The Soul soothes and directs.

LEO: Reassessing friendships and social interactions, future goals, hopes, wishes and aspirations are your currents of thought in coming weeks. Re-evaluation keeps us in touch and aware. Whenever we feel tension and longing know a new need and aspiration is calling. When desires are spiritualized, they become aspirations. Setting us upon a future path. You’re going somewhere!

VIRGO: Your life direction, an important considerations, comes into focus along with who you want to be in the coming years. Sometimes we don’t really know and can’t visualize the future. That’s because it isn’t formed yet. It’s good to ask what you’re striving toward? What life events are most important for you? Do the environments around you reflect your deepest values and ethos?

LIBRA: There are times we have spiritual experiences leading us to assess our life’s purpose. We refine, redefine, seek new paths, search for new values and structures and wonder if there’s real justice in the world. There is…hidden beneath the surface of accepted reality. Ethics become important. What are your ethics? Remember to radiate Goodwill. It’s creates a new ethic.

SCORPIO: Money and resources you hold in common with others will be on your mind. Assess and study, ponder upon and discuss what your needs are for the future. Everything must be done with transparency and equanimity. You are part of creating the new sharing economy. Through this task you will learn better how you manage your innate power. Power with (not above) others works best.

SAGITTARIUS: Remembering all relationships may occur the next few weeks. Consider what was gained, what worked, what didn’t and how your beliefs (patterns learned when young) affected outcomes. Something special occurs. Perhaps you understand how love works. It’s not about the other and yet it is. It’s about your intentions for loving and ability to see the life divine in everyone, everything and each event.

CAPRICORN: Lots of daily work, agendas, interactions with co-workers. Something appears and it’s through cooperation and intentions for right relations you create a state of harmony surpassing expectations. Home life on a daily basis is changed. A new structure must come forth. Schedules shift constantly. Find the heart of all that matters and invite it in to help you and the family. You’ll be surprised.

AQUARIUS: It’s good to know what helps you be happy, healthy, soothed, comforted and cared for. When we know we may at first have to sacrifice a previous way of life in order that a new way comes forth. When the Right Path, happiness and joy replace discomfort and ill health. In coming months you will see the past and choose the future. Focus upon the best ways for your increased and vital health. This last is most important.

PISCES: The following issues will be on your mind in the next coming weeks. Mother and mothering, relationships with family, children, especially daughters; concern about home – where and how you live and what the future will bring in terms of home, family, and the quality of nurturing you realize is needed. There will be conflicts amidst all the realities. Do you very best. What you want is good. But something greater may be available. Ask for help.


~Risa – writer, founder & director…

Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute——-

a contemporary Wisdom School. The foundations of the teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.


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