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Celebrating The Goddess

The third annual Goddess Festival begins tonight, March 10.


Live Music: March 9 & More

Live music for Wednesday, March 9 and many days beyond

8 Days a Week

Memorials For Bruce

Events being held in the memory of Bruce Walker who died following a fire at his Flying Possum Leather shop.


Matt Smith And 'MSG'

Matt Smith, guitarist of The Flipoff Pirates and many other Northwest Arkansas music groups, is proud to announce the release of his brand new album, “MSG – Now Or Never” featuring Jeff Sipe on drums and Reed Mathis on bass.

In The News

Fire At Flying Possum

A fire has caused severe harm to Flying Possum Leather on Dickson Street in Fayetteville.

8 Days a Week

8 Days: March 7 & More

The Goddess Festival is coming!


Drillers Halted Over Quake Questions

Two natural gas drilling companies will stop operations at injection wells in Faulkner County — at least temporarily.


Sci Fi Meets Romance

If I were to break out my Clever Movie Critic’s Big Book of Witticisms, I would use it to describe “The Adjustment Bureau” as “The Matrix: A Love Story,” leave the review at that and spend the rest of the day in Margaritaville.


'Rango' A Multifaceted Marvel

I guess the best way to describe “Rango” is to imagine taking four-parts Spaghetti Western, one-part “The Lion King,” two-parts “Chinatown” and three-parts “Blazing Saddles”; dumping it all in a blender and pressing “puree.”


Cheap Doesn’t Always Taste Cheap

Honestly, I’ve never found a Cab I really fell in love with for less than 20 dollars. (Often times they just taste like flavored rubbing alcohol).