Celebrating The Goddess

The third annual Goddess Festival begins tonight, March 10.

“Daring to hope for spiritual wholeness in the world, we come together to dream, to play and to create in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance for all — where the Feminine Divine can be revealed, explored and expressed. Because March is celebrated in the United States of America as Women’s History month, we believe this to be a perfect time to hold this multifaceted event. This celebration will honor the power of the Feminine Divine through art, music, words, dance, film and shared knowledge.”

The Goddess Festival: March 10-27, 637 E. Joyce Blvd., next to Cici’s and Home Depot, in Fayetteville. ALL events take place at the 637 E. Joyce location unless another contact or address is mentioned. www.goddessfestival.com.

Visual Arts, Performance Arts and Participatory Sessions

March 12

▲ 9 a.m.: Edgewalker Workshop in the Gallery — no registration, no fees. What they are, why they are needed and how to develop Edgewalker qualities and skills. Presented by Judi Neal, director of the Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace at the UA.

▲ 10 a.m.: Water, Hands-on Management (off-site) — no fees, age 16 and older, registration required. Contact  charity@chickenmoonfarm.com or 479-225-2961. Discover how to save, move and hold water to increase your garden growth, decrease your water bill and improve your environment.

▲ 10:30 a.m.: Intuitive Development for Greater Guidance, Balance & Harmony at Village Circle — no registration, no fees or donation for Peace at Home Family Shelter accepted. Learn how to lower your brainwave pattern, to become sensitive and attuned to subtler energies in and around you. With this increased awareness, you can have greater equanimity in all situations.

▲ 5 p.m.: CD release party, $5 at the door. Live music by Ginger Doss, Big Bad Gina, Niki O’Brien, Christy Lindsay, Candy Lee, Rob Pressman, Judi Neal, Liz Lottmann, Kris Wilson, Amanda Lima.

Other activities include face casting, herbal medicine discussion, African drumming, meditation, bellydancing, basic CPR instruction, watercolor painting, spring equinox ritual, reiki for animals, basic shamanic journey skills, gender queer discussions, and all sorts of hippie goddess goodness until the closing ceremonies on March 27.

An Icon Passes

There is little else that compares to the closeness of the community when a tragedy strikes and claims the life of a comrade. Bruce Walker, owner of Flying Possum Leather, creator of handcrafted leather sandals, guitar straps and belts, lost his life in his store early Monday morning in a blazing fire. His constant companion and dog, Bugsy, was spared and is expected to be reunited with Walker’s family. A true disciple of his trade, he was committed to creating quality items for individuals. His legacy will live on.

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