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ARIES: Interactions, thinking, working with colleagues, planning and agendas begin to proceed forward and communication becomes less difficult. Everything does, actually. However, there are many daily responsibilities to consider, focus upon, order and organize. This must be done immediately. Financial consideration in terms of relationships will intensify. Bring order and organization to relationships, too. Surrounded with love.

TAURUS: Words describing the coming month – creativity, research, food, yogurt, purity, structure, restructure, money, finances, desire, aspiration, old friends, relationship(s). All play out, one by one as you simultaneously attempt to understand the spiritual science of how all things are made. You understand to bring forth the new world, humanity must work with the Devas (Light Beings). You contact them. They respond.

GEMINI: I keep receiving emails with the words “slow down”. When looking at Gemini’s chart, I see that there is a natural slowing down process occurring due to Saturn in Libra in your house of creativity. Saturn is creating a new structure of creativity with a greater dimension of beauty. In turn as you create Right Relations with all the kingdoms, especially the Devas, you bring forth a new structure of creativity yourself and it brings forth a new life direction.

CANCER: It’s important to begin speaking with truth and clarity about your own personal needs as you simultaneously tend to the needs of everyone else; family, friends, animal and plant kingdom, until you are almost tending the entire world. Cancer nourishes. You need nourishment, too, and it’s important to ponder and brood upon what that is. Tending children is one type of nourishment. There are other types that you specifically need. What are they?

LEO: Are you attempting to pull back on financial expenditures, while thinking more, trying to plan, seeking facts and figures, and gradually realizing your home needs tending, clearing, cleaning, ordering and perhaps even re-doing somewhere? For now, organizing finances is the important focus. Should you need money, now is a good time to ask. Careful at home with electricity, things fiery, red and hot.

VIRGO: It’s time to look in the mirror and realize a new self-image is needed. New wardrobe, colors, clothes, new hair, shoes and perception of self. Think “style”. Style makes one more exciting, fashionable and on the edge. You’re capable of this, as Sun and Mercury are in your sign. It’s easy for you to become habitual, looking, acting and believing the same old things. Stand up, shake off the old, set new goals, become who you want to be, and happy birthday!

LIBRA: Although Mercury is moving forward it remains in your 12th house of Pisces, of retreat, solitude, prayer, religion and contemplation. Reading harbors you, calms nerves, removes you from the usual responsibilities. There’s the possibility of new job offers, opportunities to extend your work in the world. You’re recognized for your capabilities and excellent gifts. Try and save more (money), tithe to those in need, and ask for unconditional love. It comes when you yourself, “love more.”

SCORPIO: The months have brought forth great changes, which will continue. Scorpio, sign of life and death, transformation and regeneration, the phoenix rising out of the ashes, is used to change daily. You ask others to join you. They are afraid (of you, of death, transformation, regeneration experiences).

SAGITTARIUS: Each sign has a primary planetary ruler. This means the spiritual energies of each constellation, in order to reach us, stream through a planet. For Sagittarius, your planet is Jupiter, Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom. Jupiter is retrograde, thus you too are retrograde, even as Mercury is direct. What does this mean, your Sag mind always asks? That you are to gather the love within yourself. We are made of Love. We are to radiate it. It heals, soothes, protects and transforms. It’s your turn now. To do this consciously.

CAPRICORN: You want to somewhere with no complications, few responsibilities, where you can contemplate your goals, aspirations, future objectives, family needs. You find yourself with many responsibilities. Tend to all personal and professional obligations early each day. Allow domestic situations to be viewed with calm, dispassionate, and keen observations. There are answers. Capricorns are in a transformational state. Pluto in your sign makes your life powerful, potent, effective, forceful and compelling. A bit intoxicating, too. Careful!

AQUARIUS: For the past seven years, Neptune in Aquarius has refined, changed and shifted your domestic situation. This change continues with finances and resources. Decide upon what your gifts are. Spend time each day producing your very best for much will be expected of you in the coming months.

PISCES: You feel perhaps that you made a mistake in a recent purchase. You have a sense that you don’t quite know what you’re doing. This creates a vulnerability you want no one to see. You try to be practical and somehow that’s elusive. You want one thing and the opposite appears. Each day has been difficult and you need a safe harbor, a friend write “cocoon.” Tend very carefully to your money, finances, resources. There is contact grief. Remember the B vitamins and Ignatia Amara. Wait. Cry. Forgive.

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