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Vegetarian For A Day

When I tried the seitan at Whole Earth I was alarmed. It’s that much like meat, people! If I didn’t know it wasn’t meat, I’d swear it was. It was kind of like if you ate a piece of apple pie and then had someone tell you it was really made from sea anemones.

Legacy Archive

Monty Python’s Holy Grail

You won’t say ‘Ni!!!’ to this Holy Ale Wamp’s Wisdom Monty Python’s Holy Grail ale is an offering from the Black Sheep Brewery in Masham, England. It’s the official beer

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Back To Those Ice Hogs

You thought it was just a rumor, but no — they truly exist and are truly great in the legacy of Razorback athletics. The Ice Hogs mounted a tremendous comeback

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Charmer coming to OPWC

By Ginny Masullo TFW Contributing Writer Mike Thomas could charm an audience simply by making faces and never saying a word. When he features at the Ozark Poets and Writers

Family Friendly

Pet of the Week

Houston is a 2 to 4 year-old pitbull/lab who is friendly and gentle. He was picked up as a stray and is good on a leash and with other dogs.


What The … ?!!

I’d gotten used to automatically deleting/reporting spam e-mail based on certain obvious words or phrases. So I almost clicked “Report Spam” when I saw the words “Shit Robot.”


Win! / Fail :(

An adjustment to the city of Fayetteville’s pay parking program was immediately met with cheers and cries of “It’s a start” on Facebook and beyond.

Advice Goddess

Gaunt With The Wind

I’m 23, and my girlfriend of a couple months is 20. I’m taller than her, although I’m only 5-foot-7, and very thin (I weigh less than she does). I just have the feeling that she’s not that turned on by me.


Affleck almost makes up for 'Pearl Harbor'

“The Town” is not to be missed and is such a powerful film that it is likely to wash all of Affleck’s previous cinematic sins away. OK, so maybe not “Pearl Harbor,” but I think we can let everything else slide.

Risa's Astrology


Risa’s Astrology for Sept. 23-29