Monty Python’s Holy Grail

You won’t say ‘Ni!!!’ to this Holy Ale

Wamp’s Wisdom

Monty Python’s Holy Grail ale is an offering from the Black Sheep Brewery in Masham, England. It’s the official beer of the Monty Python franchise.
This ale pours with a finger’s width of head that dissipates quicker than a vision of the Holy Grail itself.
The label says “Tempered over burning witches.” I couldn’t detect any witch, but an apple flavor barely lingers, leaving a relatively clean palette.
Color is a light amber to yellow-gold. Aroma offers a faint apple scent with perhaps a hint of hamsters and elderberries.
Pair with a shrubbery. One that looks nice. And is not too expensive.
This is an acceptable English ale for being so gimmicky. It doesn’t offend nor does it stand out.

Rico’s Reaction

Brother Maynard: Read from the Book of Barleypop, Chapter 13, Verse 7 through 25.
Brother Maynard’s Brother: “And the Lord spake, ‘Once is the number of times shalt thou drink Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale. Not naught, lest though misseth out on a great brew, nor shalt thou proceed to two, for verily it’s really not that good, unless thou art really thirsty. Three is right out.’ And the Lord bid them to feast upon Guinness and Purple Haze and the sloths and the orangutans …”
You get the picture.
I was really hoping for an ale that would imbue me with the power to perform antics from the Ministry of Silly Walks. Unfortunately, the Holy Grail ale left me feeling more like a Norwegian blue parrot that had been nailed to its perch.
Don’t get me wrong. It’s not awful — just so average that it can’t possibly live up to its movie comedy legacy or its amusing bottle art. I kept thinking the flavor was more akin to overcooked brown rice than a beer that had been “tempered over burning witches,” as the label says. At least I didn’t get turned into a newt.
Still, I’m glad I tried this Black Sheep Brewery concoction, and I’m proud to have its label in my collection. But I won’t be buying it again anytime soon.

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