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Oh @#$%!!!

Well, duh.
It’s been a week of forehead-slapping, I-coulda-had-a-V8 revelations of obviousness.

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Pop's Is Tops

I’ve often driven past Pop’s and thought that I needed to try it — mostly because of my torrid love affair with dives and from the outside, the place definitely has a dive-like appearance. But since I’m not down on 15th Street all that much, it has a tendency to slip my mind, much like a lot of other things, including my own name on occasion. I finally made it down to Pop’s and I really wish I would have tried it a lot sooner.

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Beer O' The Week

Wamp’s Wisdom Acme California Pale Ale  — 5 percent alcohol by volume — is a regular offering from North Coast Brewing Co. in Fort Bragg, Calif. Color is a hazy

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The Kruth Talks

Razorback football tailgating returned in fall fashion, but with a few changes. Now all signs and banners must be approved by the university. Tents cannot be staked into the ground. No smoking on campus, although a few fiendishly smoked butts were traced amongst the stadium steps.


What The … ?!!

The Fayetteville City Council meeting on Tuesday reminded me why I hate going to such gatherings sometimes.
The long stretches of boredom.


Win! / Fail :(

Psych! Washington County justices of the peace won’t be getting a pay bump after all.
Apparently the county governing body received some erroneous information from the Association of Arkansas Counties that a pay increase for the officials was mandated by the state for 2011. This coincided with plans that would can raises for county employees next year.


‘Machete’ Makes The Cut

Guns! Explosions! Nudity! Social commentary about the flaws in the immigration system and the complex political realities that result for a disenfranchised segment of the American population! Motorcycles! “Machete” has it all.

Advice Goddess

Petaling As Fast As He Can

I met my dream girl in my poker group in grad school. I recently moved far away to start my own company, but I plan to move back in about six months, once it’s up and running.


Live Music

The sounds in the region for Sept. 9 and beyond.