Oh @#$%!!!

How the heck did we miss that?

Filling out the overlooked in the NWArkie list

Well, duh.
It’s been a week of forehead-slapping, I-coulda-had-a-V8 revelations of obviousness. Each e-mail, tip, suggestion and wisecrack — hey, dumbass, what about ____ ? — has led to only one conclusion:
Forty just wasn’t enough.
So, in no particular order and knowing full well there are still other gems out there, here are more items that get you dug deep into the rich tradition of Northwest Arkansas life.

George’s Majestic Lounge: The slogan says it all — “King of Dickson Street since 1927.” Begun as a restaurant, bar and general store by George Pappas, the Majestic Lounge has been home to some great sounds and good memories over the decades.
The tradition of visiting George’s remains as vibrant as ever with its beer garden, interior stage and two outdoor patio areas for catching some fresh air or enjoying a smoke.
Tontitown Grape Festival: It’s only happened 112 times so far, so you can see how it would be easily overlooked. Doh!
What began as a way for farmers to celebrate their grape harvests now has more than a century of tradition behind it. Carnival rides, the Queen Concordia pageant, the stomping of the grapes, Run for the Grapes and, yes, the spaghetti dinners add up to a unique experience that reflects on the history of Tontitown.
The most recent Grape Festival in August saw the return of wine sales — provided by Post Winery of Arkansas — with the spaghetti dinners.
AQ Chicken House: In digging for the unique, sometimes you overlook the obvious. We nailed the off-the-path establishment — Monte Ne Chicken Inn — but missed the restaurant with two locations on 71 Business. Go figure.
Since 1947, AQ has been delighting visitors with its pan-fried chicken, though for the editor, nothing beats the lemon-pepper seasoning on the Chicken Over The Coals.
And if you can sing the AQ theme from their old TV and radio spots, we’ll give you 10 percent off the price of your next Freekly.
Old Main: Hey, we can’t be expected to keep track of every architectural icon that just happens to be the first building on the University of Arkansas campus. Yeah.
The UA is certainly one of the key factors in keeping that rich mix of flavors in funky Fayetteville. With its faculty and staff and the constant fresh influx of students, the university helps keep the city vital, diverse and evolving.
This edifice to education certainly deserves a shout out as one of the jewels of the region.
Hugo’s: A basement full of delightful food, drink and atmosphere await the visitors who take the trip downstairs, just off the Fayetteville square.
The eclectic menu spans a cornucopia of goodies from a fried catfish po-boy to fresh mushroom crepes to a cheese board served with French bread and fruit. The menu also includes Derek’s Special — a marinated chicken breast with Swiss cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce and honey mustard on a kaiser roll. The sandwich’s creator? None other than Derek Porter, son of Free Weekly founder and general manager Susan Porter.
Botanical Garden of the Ozarks: A newcomer to the NWA scene, but one it’s hard to imagine being without now with its natural beauty being a natural fit for this part of the Natural State.
Frisco Fest: Oh, yeah, Rogers has a festival too. It’s not as long lived as the Grape Festival, but with 26 events under its belt, it looks like the two-day Frisco Fest will be a permanent part of the NWA landscape.
Coming Soon: It’s day hasn’t fully arrived yet, but its impact is already being felt. There’s no doubt the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art will be a huge component in the evolution of the region — even being a likely factor in the decision on the Walton Arts Center expansion.

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