Beer O' The Week

Beer O' The Week

Wamp’s Wisdom

Acme California Pale Ale  — 5 percent alcohol by volume — is a regular offering from North Coast Brewing Co. in Fort Bragg, Calif. Color is a hazy light amber with a thick white head that dissipates quickly leaving a thin layer of bubbles and negligible lacing.
Aroma has a meager citric hop presence. Taste is nutty and malty with a mellow bitterness that doesn’t linger. The feel in the mouth is thin and finishes dry, leaving a clean palette.
It has just enough hops to differentiate itself from an amber ale, but not enough to satisfy most pale ale fans. This is a nice, unobtrusive ale that would be fine on a hot day in the backyard.
Pair with catfish, hush puppies and horseshoes.

Rico’s Reaction

There’s nothing I like better than a pretty redhead to go along with my beer, and Acme California Pale Ale supplies one right on the label.
Apparently the Acme gal is performing some sort of jungle swing on the end of a rope while wearing ballet shoes and a very revealing dress — either that or it’s a washcloth. If I didn’t know better I’d think she was enjoying life in a zero gravity environment or diving sideways John Woo-style in a heroic effort to save her beer.
Luckily, what’s inside the bottle is just as intriguing as the exterior. The Acme brew is as crisp and refreshing a pale ale as I’ve encountered. In fact, the flavor reminds me more of the Harp lager brewed by Guinness than anything else. I’m considering making it my Official Beer of Summer 2011.
On the label, the ale bears the stamp “Highly Recommended” by the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago. I have no idea what that is or who those people are, but I’m applying for a job there tomorrow.

▲ Beer O’ The Week is a joint production of two beer enthusiasts — J.T. Wampler and Richard Davis. One man holds intimate knowledge in the history and art of crafting such beverages, while the other has only met two beers he couldn’t stomach.

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