Back To Those Ice Hogs

You thought it was just a rumor, but no — they truly exist and are truly great in the legacy of Razorback athletics.
The Ice Hogs mounted a tremendous comeback in a recent game. Down 3-5 in the third period (that’s the last one in hockey, folks), they came back to win 9-6. That’s the Hog heart we want to see! Go see them play Nebraska on Oct. 1-2 at the Jones Center in Springdale for the Pink the Rink event. Catch the ice wave and purchase your own Razorback Ice Hogs apparel, including the pink Komen foundation jerseys auctioned off after the game.

Centennial Scout

Girl Scouts — Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas are celebrating their 100th year with a videography of current Scouts interviewing alumni. All Girl Scout members are encouraged to contact communications director Kendall Thornton at 800-632-6894 ext. 6242 or go to to become involved. This 100th Anniversary Oral History Project will keep the Girl Scout tradition alive and current for the youth of our state.

Bicycle Bronze

Fayetteville was awarded bronze status as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. The new trail system likely persuaded a significant influence, however I question the legitimacy of the inked on “bicycle lanes” on the side streets of the towns. Just because the image of a bicyclist with an arrow is painted on a road no wider than it ever was, does not create a bicycle lane.
It is a creative way to diminish speed traps though since traffic now needs to concede to the 25 mph road bike.
Fayetteville shares this honor of being bicycle friendly with only one other city in Arkansas, North Little Rock. That’s awesome to be right up with there with a city that has double the national crime average!

Parking Fiasco

If you haven’t visited Dickson Street since the parking spaces were painted and kiosks erected, you’re missing out. Missing out on the anxiety of standing at the counter waiting for your order and realizing you forgot it’s now paid parking. Missing out on the realization that you don’t have coins on you and/or missing out paying for that 50 cents an hour via a swipe because the kiosk near where you parked only accepts credit cards.
This brings up an interesting thought: Would patrons be more passive if they could order a pre-paid parking card to swipe?
Then a readily armed, already-paid-for method, tucked away behind one’s library card, awaits an easy scan or swipe to lead to parking freedom.

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