Midsummer And Full Moon

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By Risa D’Angeles

Today is Midsummer Day and Feast of St. John the Baptist. The ancients honored the plant kingdom on midsummer’s day. It is the time of a great wedding feast (Duke Theseus to Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons) as written by Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, three plots, a wedding under the light of the moon and fairyland featuring the King and Queen of the Fairies, Oberon and Titanic, also the names of Uranus’ first discovered moons. Saturday is a full moon. Following the solstice, this is an important and powerful full moon. The light of the full moon reflects the light of Cancer, the mother, the nurturer of humanity. Read more at www.nightlightnews.com. See Risa’s morning messages at Risa’s Esoteric Astrology Facebook.)

ARIES: Being creative is a good self-identity. Creativity is calling you to initiate new endeavors that respond to the changes coming your way in terms of work, how you’re recognized, relationships and self-identity. Observe with calmness. Tend to health with a focus on proper digestion (probiotics, enzymes, green foods).

TAURUS: Home and how it sustains your relationship must hold your focused attention. There’s much to be done. Ask yourself what the bigger picture is concerning your life, geography, relationships, partnerships. Careful if working in the hot sun. You may not be absorbing enough water. Maintain proper and adequate electrolytes. Something challenges you, calling you to consider other realities. Step into them.

GEMINI: Mercury, your planet the Messenger, and the Sun line up in Cancer this week. A line of light streams directly into your mind and heart. It creates a framework within that unifies polarities, but only if you love more, which happens when enough information has been gathered. Study and gather facts on finances, resources, gold and silver, land, gardens and foods that sustain.

CANCER: Communication may be difficult and you may feel anger and frustration. Others could be acting out those feelings for you. There’s a situation with money. Whatever you give opens a gate. Always what you give is returned tenfold. That’s a cosmic law. Is there a wound or hurt occurring? Something you don’t understand and it’s limiting you? A cold laser light would help.

LEO: A retreat is occurring preparing for your next month’s birthday. Consider forgiveness as a healing path. Gratitude is walking hand in hand with forgiveness. Value every person, event and occurrence in your life. When you’re able to understand and work on these, a new breath of life fills you and anything that restricts and obstructs disappears.

VIRGO: As you begin new things, navigate slowly. Rest so your body, emotions and mind can restructure fresh thoughts. We need this reorientation several times in our lives so original values and pioneering inner resources can emerge from deeply gestating spiritual sources. A new two-year cycle begins. Build a new Vesta box.

LIBRA: You jump between home and work, attempting adequacy in both. Emotions pull you home, light information at work. Both comfort you. Daily life seems complicated with relationships ever-shifting. Are you called in four different directions? Nothing’s consistent. You’re learning to navigate the waters of change. Return to the foundations of your upbringing. Understanding slowly emerges.

SCORPIO: Try not to be careless when communicating about people’s lives. Maintain ethics. Your values have shifted so you’re evaluating communications. This is good. Home is dissolving and coming together simultaneously as you seek comfort within groups. A wound seems to come from the future/past. Don’t worry about these strange occurrences, normal in times of reorientation.

SAGITTARIUS: A light begins to focus on your money and resources. Questions appear concerning what you value. It’s good to create a list of values, concerning all aspects of life; personal, political, public, possessions, people. Who do you value? And why? What do you value, in terms of relationships and communication? And why? Your inner self needs to be discovered more deeply so these questions are posed. Pluto is asking.

CAPRICORN: An illumination, a completion and then a new beginning occurs at the Full Moon. Do you feel stretched, called in four directions? The direction of others, partnerships, colleagues; of work and recognition in the world of home, family and daily vicissitudes; and finally yourself? This is all very difficult. Acknowledge all four realities. Place an angel at each of the four directions. Stand at the center of the cross and willingly, intelligently and lovingly direct.

AQUARIUS: Each day seems filled with responsibilities, tasks, errands, strivings attempting to create comfort and nurturance. On the other hand a dreaminess permeates your choices and relationships become more important. You need to learn new communication skills. Ones that are less strict and more conciliatory as if you’ve been listening well.

PISCES: As you step more into the world, abilities are called forth that awaken your sense of self-identity and your ability to direct, work with and serve others. These “others” need nurturing and you’re the one with these nurturing qualities. However, you feel a great tension and unease of not being in the right place. Yet you continue forward. Something will change soon. Quietly and bravely carry on.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School.

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