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Recognize This Sport? It’s probably not what you think!

It’s a crazy, high-octane mishmash of action that at times resembles elements of basketball, soccer, volleyball and rugby.

Family Friendly

I Need A Home

Dopey, right, and Happy are two month-old kittens who were relinquished by their owners in the middle of June.

Legacy Archive

The First Casualty

The award for best headline on the release of the Afghanistan classified documents — the best summary in the fewest words — goes to the Tuesday edition of the Christian Science Monitor.


Weekly Music Schedule

Want your band listed? E-mail information two weeks in advance to


Here Come The Kids

I was at the Blair Library today, and it struck me that school will soon be in session.


Sock Monkeys Attack Restaurant Diners

Paris Hilton committed murder — with a pickle — on Sesame Street on Saturday night.


World Garden Pays It Forward

Rick Boosey is a man on a mission to end hunger. His World Garden restaurant in Bentonville cooks extra sliders, soup and bread, specifically to donate to nonprofit agencies and families in need.

Risa's Astrology

Essential & Sweeping Change

Astrologically, the coming week/month is very challenging.


‘Inception’ A Wild Goose Chase

“Inception” is a slick, spasmodic, rambunctious ordeal. It’s a convoluted wild goose/dream chase.


Fayetteville Resident Selling Wordigo App in iTunes Store

Philip Zweig can tease your brain and tie it in knots.