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Family Friendly

I Need A Home

Kabar is a big, sweet, chow mix who is almost out of time. He is 11⁄2 years old, likes people, is easy going and loves to be petted.


Under Budget

The extra piers needed for the completion of the Washington County Courthouse parking deck are estimated to cost about $1.7 million.

Advice Goddess

Home Invasion Is Where The Heart Is

A girl in my college accounting class came to my mom’s house, where I live, to study with me for a test.

Risa's Astrology

Saturn Enters Libra

Last Wednesday, in the early morning, Saturn (Dweller on the Threshold, Taskmaster, Disciplinarian) entered Libra.


Neon Green Smiles, Big Smith & Emily Knight

Want your band listed? E-mail information two weeks in advance to:


‘Orange is the New Black’

You broke the law today. And you’ll probably get away with it.


New Residential Solar Power System Largest In Area

The largest known residential rooftop solar power system in Arkansas and the South Central U.S. was recently installed on a Fayetteville home.

Legacy Archive

Ozark Slam at OPWC

Ozark Poets & Writers Collective will feature their first cousins, the Ozark slam team, Ozark Home Grown Poetry, at their July gathering on Tuesday night.


Ride Till the End, War is not the answer … art is

This is a story about a movement that is “a long wet kiss into the future.”

8 Days a Week

Third Friday, Fat Tire Festival, ‘Your Last Friend Inc.’

All events listed in 8 Days a Week are open to the public.