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8 Days a Week

Knife Event, Grape Festival, First Thursday

All events listed in 8 Days a Week are open to the public. To submit a listing, send to Fayetteville Free Weekly, P.O. Box 1607, Fayetteville 72702, or e-mail at least two weeks prior to the event. Submissions are printed as space allows. Photographs and art are also considered.

Advice Goddess

Hannah And Her Scissors

My wife’s a hairstylist, and I recently learned she continues to cut the hair of a guy she had a fling with seven years ago.

Legacy Archive

California’s SLO County

Quite likely the most important and most diverse part of California’s Central Coast wine country, San Luis Obispo County may also be its least known name.


‘The Kids Are All Right’ and ‘Micmacs’

“The Kids Are All Right” is a sudsy soap opera.


Local 'Solutionaries' Work to Create Sustainable Projects

Imagine the possibilities for summer vacation through the eyes of a student — a whole two months for travel, swimming, fun and relaxation.

Legacy Archive

Lighting the Candle, the online retailer, now sells 143 downloads of books for every printed hardcover book they sell, according to figures from the company.


Still Writing After 92 Years

Sitting in an easy chair, 92-year-old Jesse L. Jones reads 14 books a week.

8 Days a Week

‘Beauty & The Beast,’ Gluten Freedom Day, Firefly Fling

All events listed in 8 Days a Week are open to the public.

Legacy Archive

A California Secret: Lodi

The city of Lodi (“LOW die”) is in the northern part of California’s large Central Valley, a region known as much for vegetables as for its large amounts of modest wine.

Legacy Archive


Frank Sinatra fans will be in heaven this Saturday night when vocalist nationally known vocalist Tom Tiratto joins the 17-piece Fayetteville Jazz Collective for a 7:30 p.m. show at the Walton Arts Center.