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Pet of the Week

Tiger Lily is a 6-month-old catahoula mixed breed female who was brought back to the shelter after being adopted.

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Free Weekly. What Dreams May Come

Afflicted by nightmares? Maybe you should play lots of “Halo.”


Going Strong

The Fayetteville Underground, which is now a little more than a year old, has found a firm foothold in the growing art scene.


‘Satch, Dizzy & Rapid Robert’

Much to your spouse’s chagrin, you can’t remember your anniversary

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Some people switch to white wines this time of year, but others among us like reds whatever the temperature outside.


Goodbye Dio

An enormous part of the national metal community passed away a couple weeks ago.

Advice Goddess

A Whole New Bald Game

I’ve noticed some things vanishing from the North American landscape; namely, phone booths, drinking fountains and pubic hair on women

Risa's Astrology

Winds of Change, Uranus in Aries

Uranus (revolution, new culture and civilization) entered Aries last Thursday, just after the Gemini/Sag full moon Festival of Humanity.


Live Music & Clubs

Thursday, June 3 Cherokee Casino: Wilber Lee Tucker Eddie Haskell’s: Jones’n Leah JJ’s Fayetteville: Scott Young JJ’s Rogers: Jovan Arellano Las Fajitas: Darren Ray Mellow Mushroom: Christopher Parker Mojo’s: Joe

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Thousands In Town For Walmart Meeting

The National Parks is performing an Environmental Assessment and is seeking public input for improvements along the Buffalo River.