Winds of Change, Uranus in Aries

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By Risa D’Angeles

Uranus (revolution, new culture and civilization) entered Aries last Thursday, just after the Gemini/Sag full moon Festival of Humanity. The last time Uranus was in Aries was in 1927-1936, when we had the Jazz Age, the Harlem Renaissance, the Depression, the Roaring Twenties, Roosevelt’s New Deal and the discovery of Pluto. What will happen this time?

Sunday morning Jupiter enters Aries (all things new). On Tuesday, Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Aries. From now on, humanity will be on a journey to a new and unusual place. It could be rebellious and filled with uprisings. The world we begin to live in will make us pioneers, embarking upon a new world, one we must create ourselves. It’s called the “new culture and civilization” and humanity, along with the New Group of World Servers, is being called to create and build this new world.

In the times to come, not many will be comfortable, some will be called to adventure, others will seek wide open spaces, a better life that goes beyond the bounds of what we’ve known before. We’ll see wild expansion, unpredictable behaviors, entrepreneurial expansions, political and financial unrest, natural disasters, and an action-oriented spirit come alive in humanity.

Quietly last week Saturn turned direct in Virgo. Saturn enters Libra July 21. Libra is the sign of balance and poise. Saturn in Libra may safeguard us by restricting, confining and limiting the energetic boundlessness of Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. We hope this is so. Otherwise, the sky may fall.

ARIES: You are known for individuality and freedom of expression. Only Aquarius rivals you in this. In the weeks, months and years to come, this urge for individual creativity and freedom becomes extreme. Because you must initiate changes needed in the present culture and civilization, the planet Uranus will radicalize you even more so that at times you’ll feel you have no control. Expect unexpected changes, part of the Divine Plan to “make all things new,” for which you’re partially responsible.

TAURUS: You need to be out and about most of the time because sometimes you feel claustrophobic. Sometimes you must be and work alone so your intuitive and investigative gifts can be fully accessed. As usual, you avoid anything that feels like an opposition, attempting instead to flow with the accepted reality. Something or someone shatters this calmness. It is not comfortable, yet it’s needed.

GEMINI: Your hopes, dreams, wishes, friends, groups and associates seem to go into a tailspin either in your mind or in real life. This is because your life’s goals and ambitions suddenly changed, an unplanned unpredictable event. Your mind moves into confusion and you become unsettled. As your life twists and turns you find yourself becoming liberated and more forward thinking. You didn’t think that could happen.

CANCER: Flashes of intuition and insight help you make quick decisions that are authorative, leading others to understand situations often cast in fog, miasms and illusions. Maintain independence at all costs. However, begin to explain your actions to others so they can understand step-by-step the why and how of your choices. This makes your endeavors more professional.

LEO: In the coming weeks and months, even years, notice an advanced philosophy of life emerge in thinking that creates a utopian view of how to live your life with others. You may help create or join a community with like-minded people who realize the ideas of the past need updating in order to build the new culture and civilization and adopt the Aquarian laws and principles. There will also be more travel to unusual places far and wide.

VIRGO: Think about your investments and resources held in common with others. They may begin to behave erratically, with sudden ups and downs. Look into all things financial, attempting to stabilize them. A suggestion is to invest in gold and silver even when the market shifts and changes, maintain these precious materials in safekeeping for coming times. You are intuitive enough to understand.

LIBRA: Relationships, marriages, partnerships, close intimate connections may experience sudden change and spur of the moment decisions, the consequences of which last far into the future. Tend carefully to the development of stability through the ability to communicate and thus absorb unexpected upsets. Everything in our lives is turning upside down in order to create new values and the new materialism. This will create new relationships.

SCORPIO: Nothing routine will occur in your work or health areas of life. The changes that come forth will help develop your ability to express original ideas for the work place. Try not to become too nervous. Instead focus your energy into inventing things. As you upset the apple carts wherever you are, you become the change maker, which is greatly needed everywhere. Tend to you health in between times.

SAGITTARIUS: Within your great level of creativity you find the need for more self-control, which would also provide you with more self knowledge. This is interesting. Through discipline you come to know yourself, your needs and a new level of creativity. Don’t speculate. That’s costly. Instead, focus on independent thinking and how to break with all that’s old and crying for liberation. What would that be?

CAPRICORN: As you attempt each day to bring constancy and calmness to your home, know that sudden upsets may occur along with your desire for more freedom. Attempt to balance your needs with family needs. Give them more responsibilities (teach them first how to perform tasks) and inform them of the astrological energies bringing change to everything. Your family will understand. Tell them to look for these changes and communicate about them. You will create a new tradition.

AQUARIUS: Be aware that your thinking, communicating, processing information and interacting with others will become so spontaneous that changes will begin to appear everywhere. You will unexpectedly strike out in different directions, going here and there. A sort of rebelliousness erupts, an aspect of advanced and new thinking. You will become interested in science, technology and sources of light and will begin to think more about community. It’s where you belong.

PISCES: You’re experiencing that your income and finances are not steady and stable. This is not a criticism or judgment. It’s simply a fact. In the coming times, this will continue. Material things will come and go and unforeseen events will upset all plans. This is not due to anything you have created. All conditions in our world are changing, even the waters you swim in. The new world is being created, it’s not here yet. We’ve just begun. Stay behind the ferns and rest for a while.

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