Father, Summer, The Oil Spill — One Hot Summer

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles

Father’s Day is Sunday. Libra moon trine Mercury in Gemini creates opportunities for communicating with feeling and intelligence to our fathers. Summer, the longest day of light, begins Monday. The fairy world begins to rest, their work creating the plant kingdom complete for the year. Jupiter’s the morning star, brilliant Venus at night.

Oil spill questions: Is the Gulf oil spill the final event that will bring down our economy? Was it created intentionally? Is the floor of the sea fractured? Are there 18 other sites spewing oil? Are two million-plus gallons a day flowing into the sea? Is the oil dispersant (Corexit) placed on the waters (the toxic fumes falling from clouds) creating illness? Are geographic areas on lockdown? Will nuclear weapons be needed to cap the spill as Russia once had to? What will the consequences be on the economy and food supply? Will there be unrest, will the market fall, and will a massive migration occur? Our world and lives are changing rapidly.

There’s an eclipse next week. Astrology provides guideposts for humanity. The heavens tell us we’re in for one hot summer of enormous disruption and unprecedented unrest. Is everyone prepared?

ARIES: You feel there’s more than enough inner strength and energy to meet all the expectations and demands of work and the world, both self-imposed and from others. You will work till you drop, with something very unusual: detail, order and organization. These you will demand from others as well. Careful. They don’t have your same chart.

TAURUS: It’s time to come home now. This means from either far away or to simply spend time where you live in order to order and organize it. It’s been a long time (years?) since you’ve been able to assess needs in your personal life. Since you’re been focused outwardly, saving the world, things like home could be quite in need. Is your home safe from fires? Seeking assistance is practical.

GEMINI: Consider yourself seriously for a while. Think of all the things you need in all aspects of your life. Consider the state of your home and family, your relationships and money, your communication and sense of well-being. Are all these as they should be, do you bring comfort, calmness and ease? Do this life assessment quietly over time. Allow anger to be acknowledged should it appear.

CANCER: It’s good for you to assess the truth, which you glean from your feelings and senses. It’s good to tell people how you feel about everything, even themselves. When we speak the truth about something, fresh air is able to come into every relationship. When speaking the truth, be neutral, ask questions, be kind and courteous. Truth sets everyone free. Thank you.

LEO: You are being very responsible. You are taking your creative endeavors and applying them to daily life situations. I think that you would like to be doing something else in your life that gets you out and about into the wilds, that serves the animal (or bird or fish) kingdom by giving it food, shelter, medicine and comfort. You want to be elsewhere. However, you are here. We need you, too.

VIRGO: You have new energy, you’re active, self-confidence becomes you, you’re happy, you’re enthusiastic, you’re busy, there’s no time for relaxation. When you’re not working night and day, you’re counting your money (or feeling its lack). In terms of money a famous teacher said “don’t worry, be happy.” The “happy” brings the resources closer to you.

LIBRA: A spiritual essence begins to tincture your daily life. This is good. It will alleviate judgments you may be carrying since childhood. Those judgments permeate your life and although you may think you’re happy, if judgments about others persist, they are eventually projected on those around you, even the best relationships. There is such a thing as forgiveness. It releases us in the same way truth does.

SCORPIO: What revolution is beginning in your life? What expansion is simultaneously occurring? What new direction is being taken along with your new self-identity, focus and activities? Everything’s changing for you. It’s not just your perception. Things you’ve waited for will eventually appear. Now all you have to do is begin to organize it all without feeling overtaken, overwhelmed and dissolved. Hang on.

SAGITTARIUS: Remember to do your work and your job with composure, inner poise, exhibiting no pressure toward self or others. You are being watched as to your ability to create right relations, balancing leadership with friendship, keeping the two separate with finesse, elegance, grace and skill. This is quite a job. You most likely already display all of this. Now more is called for.

CAPRICORN: Many days, weeks and months of work reach a summit. If you look back on autumn of last year, something began. Now it is at a point of manifestation, of being seen in the world. Perhaps this is you, who is presently always in a state of transformation and transfiguration. There are perhaps lots of thoughts concerning travel, going far away, experiencing new cultures, foods, people. Yes, go. There’s a place for you.

AQUARIUS: Tend to money carefully. Put money away for future needs. Always do this second, when money comes in. Tithe some of it first. This assures you a constant supply in terms of your life needs. When we give, more is returned. Humanity has yet to learn this. The new materialism is the sharing society. You should be leading humanity in this endeavor.

PISCES: You shift between pain and wounding and comfort. It’s such an interesting polarity. Both can be felt as extremes. However, you are seeking the way in between, the point of poise, and you find it a “razor’s edge.” It is. A crossroads is coming. A decision, too. You need sensitive handling. Tend to yourself, your money and resources with great care. Talk with family.

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