Flag Day & Gemini New Moon

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles

Last Thursday, Mars entered Virgo and this Thursday enters Gemini. In all thoughts, actions, meeting and planning events this week and for the next month, in order to succeed, it’s best to work within the following guidelines: purposely have focus and awareness, gather, order and organize information, be detailed, discriminating and discerning, communicate with intentions for goodness and goodwill, allow no criticisms and thus separations to occur. Be aware of confl icts and crisis. Be prepared for tests, trials and obstacles and remember always that “tension creates attention.” The Tester (Mars) and Star of Confl ict (Mercury) will be infl uencing all of humanity’s endeavors. Saturday is New Moon, 21 degrees Gemini. The personality-building seed thought for Gemini New Moon is “Let instability do its work.” This means let ordinary day-to-day experiences, disharmony, inconsistency, unpredictable changes, instability in relationships, lack of unity — all life’s vicissitudes — have the task of providing our personality and soul (we are spirit clothed in matter, a shocking surprise for the personality) experiences of/in form and matter. These experiences awaken us, making us aware and able to recognize duality, a law on earth. After many experiences and at a certain point (often in despair), we then seek out and focus upon creating harmony, a soul quality. Thus all personality experiences of and in form and matter lead us to the goal — the soul directing the strong and focused personality. Join the New Group of World Servers at the new moon by reciting the Great Invocation. Monday is Flag Day. Flags, an unrecognized art form, represent the spirit of the people within each nation, country and state. Monday, Venus enters Leo. Everyone falls in love. Or wants to. Love is the only thing that heals the Chiron wound. Chiron is retrograde. Old wounds return.

ARIES: Everything’s new again and you feel encouraged to be even more spontaneous and radical than usual and off you go to places unknown or known. Unusual things occur. Friends appear and communication happens and travel, too. Then you become more creative than usual and this stays around for a while. Then the tests appear. Stay attuned.

TAURUS: For just a few hours you’ll realize you don’t know where your money is or where it’s coming from or when, and you think you should be more careful and for a moment you are more careful with money, fi nances and resources. You really have more than you think you do, but you’re holding onto things that could be used for other purposes. You talk some about money, but usually you’re silent. That’s lonely. Your relationship needs tending, too.

GEMINI: Usually you speak in paradoxes or duality, in metaphor or with humor and sometimes people don’t quite understand either your message or your humor. But during the new moon something happens to your communication. Your heart opens, just for moments, and if we listen carefully we’ll hear you speaking truthful, heart-felt words of how you really feel, what you truly want and need and who you’re missing. Some of us are listening.

CANCER: It can be a time of either deep spiritual insights and midnight dreams or days of confusion, bewilderment,

puzzlement, mystifi cation and uncertainty. Both can be interesting with the latter more uncomfortable, yet yielding great insights. You’ll be both mother and father to your family, providing needed information, organization and data that navigate them into the future. You’re “good enough” which means excellent.

LEO: Perhaps you’re seeking new people to get to know and like in your life. Perhaps you’re being asked to speak to groups, bringing forth information collected and experienced over years that was a service to one or more kingdoms. Perhaps you’ll be released from an overly strict budget and fi nd that through even greater service or tithing, more resources are available. Is there a wound surfacing?

VIRGO: Your life becomes internally and externally busy, busy, busy. With the busy-ness, comes extra energy to meet demands made by Mars in your sign holding hands with Mercury, your ruler. Self-reliance, self-confi dence and personal achievements will emerge in the coming weeks. Amidst the tests will be revelations as you work harder then ever before. Remember to rest and plant roses.

LIBRA: Are you planning a trip, one of several? Because it’s a good time. Is there something you need at work but haven’t asked yet? This is also a good time. Soon you may feel you’re working with a past situation, one that may be uncomfortable. Be as ethical as possible at work; allow nothing to interfere with responsibilities and at home make more time for rest. This prepares for working in solitude later on.

SCORPIO: Again you wonder what your goals are, what you would like in the future, what friends would be good for you, and what objectives you want accomplished in the near future. Whenever there’s an opportunity to be with others, step into the group, cast your special mysterious charm and see what occurs. Whatever you desire appears. It’s an interesting situation. But you must step forward fi rst.

SAGITTARIUS: Professionally you’ve been fi nishing up previous contacts, agendas and plans. And many times felt restricted, seeing no open road ahead. Now a new impulse of energy comes forward. You may be asked to accomplish special tasks, something important is offered or appears and there’s a possibility of a power play acted out by another towards you. Don’t play the game. Be inspired by beauty instead. And children.

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