Mother's Day

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles

It’s Mother’s Day Sunday, and so, from our hearts, let us give thanks for our mothers. Let’s pray also for those who have lost their mothers, who never knew their biological mothers and mothers who adopted or were adopted. We also pray for families separated by wars, disasters or conflict.

Tuesday, Mercury turns stationary direct. Gradually we can resume our usual activities, driving becomes less erratic, communication eases, our minds clear, we can consider what large appliances, car or home to purchase. We can plan trips, create agendas, have meetings. Interactions will progress more smoothly than in the past three weeks. Read more at and Risa’s Esoteric Astrology Facebook.

ARIES: Tend to all promises, follow all rules, act like a Taurus, which may feel a bit daunting and restrictive, and make sure that no aversion or opposition colors your attitude. Honor is important and one progresses more easily when the virtues of patience, understanding and grace are cultivated.

TAURUS: Your energy is up and down. Your responsibilities remain and each day more appear. You would rather turn away, chat with friends, take short trips to the bank, garden and research all that’s needed for the future. When responsibilities and the need for freedom collide, it’s best to focus on goals or garden. Then you can continue to dream.

GEMINI: Heavens! There are two distinctly polarized situation occurring. One keeps you behind the scenes and the other out in the world where your values are apparent. You want to talk about them because they define you. However, you’re also pulled into quietude, a sort of repose before the storm or Sun or something that’s coming. Perhaps it’s a lot of praise. Or a move.

CANCER: You consider your resources and wonder if they need redirecting. You wonder if how you’re using them is efficient for long and short term needs. Family needs crop up and you worry and don’t sleep nights. Then the past reoccurs and you’re hurting sometimes and need help. It’s hard to ask for help, isn’t it? And hard to trust it will come.

LEO: Each day more clarity about work, purpose and resources occur and you feel more courage to pursue unusual goals, to fight for what’s right, to realize that a values shift is taking place in your life and this shift may create a future you only hoped for. A new two-year cycle has begun and it’s calling up all hopes, dreams and wishes and asking you to follow your heart.

VIRGO: The past three years have been challenging for Virgos. There’s been a shifting of structures, a sense that someone is being your taskmaster and you’ve had many responsibilities. Soon, this will end and you will feel freedom from the taxing demands. Celebrate quietly.

LIBRA: A stricter and sober view of life is quietly beginning to take hold of your thoughts and feelings. This is good. However it could feel restrictive. Simply consider it as another step in growing up, being responsible, learning how to tend to the demands of life and how to act with more finesse and refinement. There’s a struggle for balance. There is no compromise. Be strong and call for courage.

SCORPIO: You had obligations. Then your dreams came to roost amidst your obligations and you had to choose. And then relationship issues cropped up and you had more than you could handle. Something is changing within. It’s pushing you to break the mold. Follow this.

SAGITTARIUS: Tremendous work was called for this month and it will continue. If you take each day and work slowly through it (like a Taurus), then you will come to the end of each day with feelings of success and pride in what you have accomplished. Is someone special contacting you? Or the possibility of money from someone close? Be prepared, after a small respite, for new work to appear. High energy will be called for. Rest now.

CAPRICORN: Your creative force can be found in the garden, woods, fields and meadows. It can be found with cows, hands in the earth, plants with deep roots and a pantry (or lunchbox) filed with sweet and savory homemade edibles. What I’ve mentioned is both healthy and comforting and these will safeguard your sense of security. There’s everything to be passionate about.

AQUARIUS: The focus on relationships, whether it’s many people in your life seeking your attention or your need to have a sense of intimacy, could make you feel a bit jittery and unsure. You feel both delighted and confused. You also want to create beauty and security in your home. Something about home and money will occur in the coming month.

PISCES: You are being pushed into independence. This is a new stage for you. However, know that you are fully capable and have the essential qualities and gifts to rely on yourself, to move forward into your future and make correct decisions based upon your needs and no longer the needs of others. Courage is presenting itself. Wear it like a mantle and a crown.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School. E-mail her at or visit

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