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On the Uneven Dickson Street

Bruce Walker switched on an ancient box fan and waited as it sputtered to an uneven spin.

Risa's Astrology

United Nations Day Of Families

This is our last week of Taurus, sign of enlightenment.


‘The Hypnotist’

Snap. That’s all it took…

Legacy Archive

Obama vs. Game Play

I would argue that this former supposed messiah of young voters sounded like a stodgy President Eisenhower warning against the evils of television and rock and roll, except for one thing.

Advice Goddess

Needy Gonzales

This divorced dad I’ve been seeing for a month is really sweet, but he’s pushing to go way too fast.

Legacy Archive

Ranger’s Pantry, Trail Lights Off

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that the city was accepting donations at local fire stations for a startup pet food bank?

Family Friendly

I Need A Home

Iron Man is a six month-old male. He is calm and sweet and likes to play.


Amos Cochran

Instruments: Bass, piano, guitar, laptop and loads of effects.


Pretty Lights

A venue can make or break a concert.


Attend Our Town Hall Meetings

Last night, I attended a meeting that made me so proud of our community I wanted to tell others about it.