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It’s time for the centuries old Chinese Lunar, Spring and New Year (year 4707 in the Chinese lunar-solar calendar) Festivals. The year of the White Metal Tiger (yin branch) begins on Valentine’s the second new moon of the year. The festival ends at the Lantern Festival and full moon. Like Christmas in the west, Chinese New Year is the most important celebration in China and consists of family celebrations, gift-giving and special foods.

This Year of the “Tiger wearing metal” signifies a nonpeaceful year. This tiger jumps around attempting to shed the metal around its body. However, Tiger is considered most caring and thoughtful, protecting and tending family, loved ones and friends against injustices. The Tiger, symbolizing power, authority and leadership, at times can be inflexible and have difficulty with right relations. Tiger is learning. Year of White Metal Tiger brings changes in all spheres and endeavors, new leaders in power, social change and political rebellion on a world scale.

This week is filled with festivals, celebrations and preparations. Monday is Presidents (Lincoln and Washington) Day, Tuesday is Mardi Gras and Wednesday, the first day of Lent — 40 days and nights preparing for Easter — is Ash Wednesday, signifying atonement, forgiveness and that our bodies are made of the earth to which it will return. Remember, from dust thou art and unto dust though shalt return. However, our soul returns to spirit, which “resurrects.” To everyone, Gung Hay Fat Choy! (May prosperity be with you).

ARIES: As you recognize the vital and initiating work you will bring forth, it’s time to learn how to participate in groups with intelligent and heartfelt alignment. You are to construct part of the new world, culture and civilization. Is this in your awareness? Are you conscious of what this takes and the needs of humanity? You’re called to awaken again for the times are coming when those who plan and lead boldly take risks and see into the future, working with both heart and mind, will be summoned. Prepare.

TAURUS: The architecture of your participation in life is changing. Previously you dreamed big dreams, pondered many realities, not concerned if anything took shape. Now you’re competently leading and facilitating boards and groups, preparing the components of the new world order. Taurus has an enlightened mind with the ability to see humanity’s future needs. You are aware in the breakdown phase seeds of the new must be sowed. You’re synthesizing all realities so others can understand.

GEMINI: Many forces are at work in your life. As a Gemini you always attempt to resolve polarities, higher with lower, soul with personality. This is a vital and difficult task accomplished by the proper cultivation of the mind principle, which soothes the emotions and the right course of study that allows no illusions, distortions or maya. Later you share the path. Aquarius calls you to develop all seven levels of your mind. Are you? Can you define the soul yet?

CANCER: Always we feel some form of conflict. Know that this conflict, and chaos, is useful. It gives us the ability to observe tensions and to express needs, fears and trigger points. For some there is a great battle going on between the soul personality. The soul calls us to right action and right service. Sometimes, many times we don’t know what these mean. Ask the soul. Then there will be a reorientation and information will be released into your mind. Asking, we always receive.

LEO: You have entered a time when relationships are vitally important, yet at times you feel unconnected to anything and anyone. You’re in a place of balancing and choosing, an interlude state. Your inner reality concerning relationships and how you function in them is being modified so that you can display right relationships while still expressing your unique creativity. Hold opposing forces in balance. A greater awareness emerges. Your love then flows once more. Love is your gift.

VIRGO: Very new revelations stream into your mind concerning how to structure daily life. How we function within our daily life prepares us to function within the new dimensions and structures in the world that are slowly emerging. Receive with devotion and detail adherence all ideas impressed upon your mind. Be aware if weariness occurs. You then must rest, which changes your perspectives.

LIBRA: Although, under the veil of Libra’s charm, you are a strong and powerful force, a greater level of love and wisdom must begin expressing itself through you. It begins with acceptance and gratitude for everyone and everything. Begin with intention and stating “Love expresses itself through me always and wisdom follows.” Then your life and relationships proceed with protective healing care.

SCORPIO: You will begin to have solitary times thinking things great and small. Create an environment that nurtures in all ways – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself. Be in touch with the kingdoms – soul, human, animal, plant and mineral. Love combined with your great intelligence will form a foundation for the new life emerging. It begins where you live. Later you’ll be asked to teach this.

SAGITTARIUS: You should have a very good year. Especially if you blend two realities: your personality and soul. This produces harmony for a time. Then the soul leaves and will enters when you’ll harmonize with will. Not easy. Will is a fire. I read that your career will rise and make a big splash. In all of this never be thoughtless. You’ll lose much. Remember as you go about work that wisdom is knowledge gained through experience and implemented by love. Ponderable thought.

CAPRICORN: Whatever it is you hope for, radiate it with love from your ajna center. This is where love streams forth. Then new life will take root expressed as harmony, beauty and peace. Your love-no matter what happens-eases disharmony and conflict when abruptly arising. Remember that harmony comes after conflict and chaos, so the higher level of harmony can come forth.

AQUARIUS: This year you have great energy and potential, needed as new sources of income are sought and as you seek to control impatience. If you’re not aware, you could end up being a bit thoughtless toward others. Remember to be courteous and kind, show sympathy to those who have less than you. A new self-identity continues to emerge. Be sure it includes goodness, generosity and love. We experience what we give.

PISCES: You have begun the arduous task of understanding your feelings, thoughts, aspirations, actions and vulnerabilities. Much of your life has been treading the pathway of service and sacrifice, which you know well. A new beneficent cycle has begun, expanding your courage and strength of character. This may not be acceptable to some. Maintain privacy, walk away from disharmony, don’t believe criticism. The stars are protecting you.

Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, Calif. Visit her Web site at nightlightnews.com or e-mail her at risagoodwill@gmail.com.

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