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Saturn Square Pluto, Transformation Continues

After Saturday’s first full moon of 2010, the second Saturn square Pluto occurs on Sunday. This transit creates a continual series of changes and transformations that, by 2012 winter solstice, ends materialism as we have known it. Materialism (the involutionary cycle, spirit into matter) has been a purposeful and needed developmental stage for humanity since our first protoplasmic presence on Earth 21 million years ago. This end of materialism the indigenous people have spoken of for millennia.

Within the breakdown phase a new creative effort is being birthed leading to a complete reorganization of humanity’s endeavors. The United States is particularly vulnerable because she is to “lead humanity toward the light.” And there are powerful forces attempting to block that spiritual task.

Many ask, “What must we do now? How do we prepare?” First we must begin to ponder upon how to build new communities and life foundations not based upon the past. We must also call forth focus, persistence, discipline love and strength. It is knowledge of what is occurring in our world today that produces these virtues.

For all of us the first step is the intention for purification (of purpose, actions, thinking, relating, etc.) leading to revelation leading to understanding leading to revolution. Eventually we understand that, together, we are the ones who must build the new culture and civilization. The changes we are experiencing are the evolutionary forces within us being activated. Saturn is the taskmaster and Pluto is Shiva, the great cosmic and consuming fire destroying in order that life be made new again. The destruction phase continues till 2012. The realized creation phase begins 2012, winter solstice. Read more at

ARIES: Experiences, thoughts, dreams and visions are beginning to define you. It’s as if your visions make up your daily reality. You are being called to study and research, discover, create and/or find groups that belong to you, create a template for community, and negotiate fear because you know it’s no longer your partner. Wisdom’s coming. It would be good to study astrology.

TAURUS: Your future is being placed in front of you. It’s asking you to create a large portion of everyone else’s future, asking you to lead with others in partnership and create the visions others will uphold and bring into form and matter. Careful if you carry too many illusions or a Pollyanna-ish idea of reality. Take care of your health. Do you need someone by your side? Call them.

GEMINI: You might need to return to school, learn another profession, travel far away and/or ask for an expanded job description. It seems as if you’ll travel to one or more communities in order to visit friends, assess living there and review their spiritual emphasis and orientation. Work is challenging and money may become more of an issue. Judge its orth carefully.

CANCER: Great benefits, at first very subtly, begin to fall into your life. Later you realize a joy has quietly entered your life as if on little cat’s feet. You find your thinking is reshaping itself. Intuition, perception and visions become more and more available. Allow nothing to stress or impose demands upon you. Your fear could do this. Love neutralizes fear.

LEO: You become more and more aware that you’re working with powerful forces this week. They’re not only cosmic forces but people around you will be acting them out. This is an extraordinary piece of information…to know that people in our environments act out planetary motion. Observe all work realities, especially this week. Remember also that from loss comes profound new life. All of this is occurring for you.

VIRGO: Take hold of the family’s resources and begin to restructure them, making changes, rearranging all financial comings and goings. Place more into savings; use the money for tangible goods. Use it also to prepare for the future when goods may not be as available. Who in your daily life, including your work world, would you consider your community? If no one, then begin developing one.

LIBRA: Some shift and/or transformation in your domestic world is creating changes in your self identity. Perhaps there is an illness or a death (physically, emotionally, mentally) that is creating more discipline in your life. Perhaps there is a distance or a withholding or an absence or a task needing to be completed that will bring depth of feeling to your personal world. Think good fortune, health and healing, order and structure. “Be of love…”

SCORPIO: The message for you and your personal seed thought is “creativity.” I suggest you study this word from all levels, and then list for yourself all the ways you are creative. Then list all the ways you wish you were creative. Then list all those you think are creative. Then define the word creative. From these exercises create an art piece that is an expression of your joys and sorrows, enjoyments, talents and abilities, hopes, wishes and dreams. The creative field is wide open now. Bring it down and in. Like a mudra.

SAGITTARIUS: Everything about you now is very personal, very inner and the nature of your potential opens in direct relation to your spiritual endeavors. Everything domestic is very very good. And if you think not, then make it so through gratitude (for everything), which then brings upon you blessings and grace. Grace is an esoteric word for initiation, a change in consciousness, which you’re going through. You laugh.

CAPRICORN: You’re inspired to study family and relatives seeking your history so you can have a realistic (building to compassionate) view of where you came from and who you are. This gives you stability and a sense of self within a cycle of history. There can be great misunderstanding in communication, a cross between idealism and freedom. However the reality somehow get lost. And you, too. There’s a mantram that is useful to recite daily. “Let reality govern my every thought and truth be the master of my life.”

AQUARIUS: Take tender care with your personal resources, with what you consider of value. Realize that things in matter, although they have monetary value, are not the same as people with feelings, hopes and needs. Try not to overspend, don’t loan money to friends, know there are financial benefits coming your way. Also realize when you help others, your well being and self identity grow exponentially. It’s time for you to be in community. You’re needed.

PISCES: You will, day by day, begin to experience a greater freedom of identity, much of which had been lost in a cloud of unknowing for the past several years. You will experience a new destiny, a celebration, a bit of self-indulgence, horizons widening, opportunities appearing and expanding, projects initiated and the arts (call to them!) incorporated in your daily life. You had almost given up.

Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, Calif.



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