MLK Day, Solar Eclipse And First New Moon

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles

Late Thursday on the west coast and early Friday on the east coast, the first new moon of 2010 occurs at 25 degrees Capricorn. It’s also a solar eclipse, signifying something essential concerning things Capricorn rules (governments, politics, politicians, mountains, ladders, goats, crystals, diamonds, etc.).

The personality-building seed thought for Capricorn is “Let ambition rule, and let the door stand wide.” As we build our personality, ambition drives us to achieve. At first fear, instinct, competition and the drive to succeed rule. These blind us into believing freedom is gained through accumulation of material objects, through money and attachment to all forms. There is a gate to higher levels of awareness, but until the personality is built and there is conscious awareness, that gate is locked.

On Friday, Mercury turns stationary direct. Mars and Saturn remain retrograde. Sunday, Jupiter enters Pisces. Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day (MLK was Capricorn Sun). Watch “I’ve been to the mountaintop” at Venus enters Aquarius, Monday. Wednesday is Aries moon. Something new, shiny and red is set in motion.

ARIES: You’re exploring profoundly what your work in the world may be, what you are to do that will uplift civilization and bring you the recognition needed so that others follow. Keep the internal inquiry going. There are no answers yet, not for months. They depend upon your ability to focus on the questions.

TAURUS: New ideas, concepts, school, study, traveling, archery, horseback riding or horse husbandry, publishing and studying ancient philosophies may catch your attention. Someone recognizes your qualities, calls you to leadership. Listening is your best way of being attentive. Giving philosophical answers will not be heard.

GEMINI: There is a deeper focus on money and investments and in this critical time of change and monetary reorientation, I offer a suggestion on how you can keep abreast of the financial times. Go to and for CAF’s exceptional understanding of the economic situation worldwide. Share this with partners and friends.

CANCER: Relationships will be on your mind — all types, levels of closeness, friendships and intimacies. It’s good to review how you are in relationships, if you are attentive, caring and sharing. Or are you focused upon yourself primarily? Adding forgiveness (of self and others) to your list of daily tasks would liberate your heart for further love encounters.

LEO: We continue to focus on your occupation and its environments. Something shifts at work, some discipline or rule or structure or timing causes a period of fine-tuning to occur. During this time, strengthen your support for others, align with them. This will ensure your success should you suddenly be in charge of everything and everyone.

VIRGO: You must begin to lounge around a bit more. Think of way to create relaxation, pleasure, fun and perhaps a bit of romance (there are many kinds). Plan each week to attend music or film events, stroll downtown with friends, have lunches and dinners, little parties, tête-à-têtes, perhaps a small salon. Art is most important. Who is your favorite (artist)?

LIBRA: These are times of reconciliation, reunions, understanding leading to rapprochement, of kindness, consideration and thoughtful and perceptive realizations that each of us (including you) is a character, everyone’s doing their very best and everyone’s on their path toward a more enlightened way of being. Is there some sort of suffering or sadness in your life? We will pray with you.

SCORPIO: You’re edgy, agitated, restive, restless with somewhat anxious feelings including a wanting to go anywhere that is not here. However, there’s nowhere to go. The planets are creating a stellium of impatience and over-sensitivity. All you can do is visit things from the past, people, events, ideas, work. It’s not easy and there are no quick answers. Who from the past needs to be contacted?

SAGITTARIUS: Read Gemini, first and then investigate the Solari Web site. I suggest a financial investor and information on finances because most of the planets are influencing your finances and resources, seeking to transform how you’ve handled yourself in these areas. Are you generous or challenged to be generous? Do you maintain a budget and balance monetary ins and outs? What are your worries regarding money?

CAPRICORN: Every once in a while others truly notice us, offering compliments, recognition, praise for jobs well done, for our help, presence and nurturing. They notice the care we take with how we appear in the world. You may be asked to lead a function that magnetizes people to a group or endeavor you’re a part of. You’re the very best for this position. Radiate goodwill to everyone and remember to recognize those who have courage.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians, after they’ve built their personality (self development, self-focus, a needed developmental stage), eventually begin to see outward, to humanity and its needs. It’s at this moment when they see humanity is suffering that Aquarians begin to seek to serve. It is perhaps that time for you … to help others, to see their needs, to offer support and resources, time and money, care and attention. You too become one who receives.

PISCES: It’s important to be part of a group. It’s important to not be isolated. You need a balance of being in retreat and being social. Being social is sometimes difficult. You sense such a depth both within and in others. Counteracting this is your ability to see how others serve and how “love underlies the happenings of the times and all events.” Love happens to be the nature of Pisces, too. You may not feel it, but it’s surrounding you.

Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, Calif. E-mail: Web site:

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