Saturn Retrogrades

Mars and Mercury remain retrograde and on Wednesday, Saturn also retrogrades. Saturn represents society’s structures, ways of thinking, time, discipline, the father and the teacher.

Saturn influences the rules, regulations and all physical structures in our lives. When Saturn is retrograde outer limitations become wobbly. We can become confused about boundaries.

In all retrogrades our focus is inward. We see only interior realities. During Saturn retro we return to and assess previous choices and commitments. We change our minds.

During retrogrades we work with the past, never assuming new commitments or responsibilities. If we must, we then review data multiple times very carefully, understanding when the retrograde is complete, new data and information emerge.

Saturn remains retrograde until May 30. The entire world is thinking, governments and all disciplines and structures will be examined. Worldwide, humanity will withdraw and retreat from the status quo and from “business as usual.”

Numerologically 2010 is number three. In 2010 we will experience the continuing restructuring money and finances.


ARIES: Saturn is restructuring and redefining your relationships perhaps through loss, separation or marriage. Or perhaps you are simply going to redefine what relationships mean. In partnerships you will come closer or remain apart. Why don’t you choose? Something provides strength. Let yourself be that strength.

TAURUS: Your everyday tasks, agendas and work will be assessed and reassessed in order to understand what needs to be done, what’s important, what’s priority and who can help. During the next four months the art of right relations within daily life emerges along with health matters. You find you’re efficient in both health and work. Use your resources, care for your health, and remember kindness.

GEMINI: Can you define and identify your creativity? In the coming months you will note your creativity is from various sources: the children in your life, love affairs, the art of conversation or simply walking. What would you want your creativity to be? The opportunity for defining it is here.

CANCER: You may turn from the outer world and face your inner sanctum, refuge, home and place you define as foundation. Some will remember their childhood home. Some will be redecorating. Some will go to culinary school. A new beginning will be sought. A self-redefining follows.

LEO: Your communications and community work will be redefined. In the past you have been recognized for the quality of your work and leadership. Now newer and bolder community and communications steps are needed. You’ll assess that and define the context. Tend to siblings with compassion.

VIRGO: In the next four months notice your values redefining. As the retrogrades continue, you question and ascertain the value of money and resources. You’ll seek ways of solidifying and building what you have. You’ll think many thoughts for many months. A love of something new emerges. It makes you happy.

LIBRA: A new 28-year cycle begins for you as the past 28 disappear. Your appearance and how others perceive you will change. Your virtues will shine forth. You may feel alone at times. The next four months are a time of retreat, of tending, reinvention, updating and improving. Someone you love needs tending with care and prayer.

SCORPIO: A great inward migration is occurring. You’ll be faced with all that’s been hiding, your past, anything emotional that has upset you in the past 28 years. You’ll discover habits that no longer work, fears you thought were gone and a litany of actions needing assessments. You’ll tend to these as a warrior. The purpose is complete restructuring of self so your future has a solid foundation.

SAGITTARIUS: I wish much for you: that your hopes, wishes and dreams be fulfilled. You will discover the need to share a group environment seeking to serve humanity. You find a way to realize these aspirations. You will be tested as to your seriousness. New structures will be formed. Success follows.

CAPRICORN: Happy Birthday, Capricorn. As you assess how the world sees you, realize how dedicated you’ve been in helping others succeed. You outline what you now need to feel rewarded and recognized socially and monetarily. Your life direction begins to emerge and soon a foundation is built toward new goals. Life changes. Stay with that change and summon the angel of beauty.

AQUARIUS: You’ll become more philosophical, ponder higher education, read more and observe life from an ever-widening lens. Some will become or interact with lawyers, priests, adventurers, philosophers, writers and intellectuals. You may travel. All previous beliefs will be challenged. In your self-evaluation you’ll understand greater realities. Meaningful events and people enter your life.

PISCES: The next four months are important for evaluating how others value you, what financial structures you’ve set up and what others expect from you in terms of resources. You have been free and easy with everything, from personal interactions to money. This will need to stop somewhat and you will need to begin to demand respect. You will learn this. Anger at times clarifies and defines.

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