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Ted Kennedy, v/c Week, New Gemini Moon

Let us together pray for Ted Kennedy and his family. Ted became ill (seizures) at the Taurus/Scorpio Full moon, which squared his Aquarius (electricity) Mars/ Mercury (mind). Tests revealed a brain tumor. Ted’s chart shows Pisces Sun (desire to save humanity, dedicated public servant, issues with alcoholism); Virgo Moon (detail oriented, seeking new state of consciousness for humanity, deeply self critical); Capricorn rising (politician, Democratic senator), Mercury & Mars in Aquarius (serving humanity, seeking new world order). Kennedy has simultaneous Saturn (restriction), Chiron (hurt, illness, wound), and Mercury/Uranus (unexpected electrical activity in the brain) connections. We pray he has continued strength and courage to withstand this serious heath crisis. We place Ted Kennedy and his family within the healing light of the Ashram. The Kennedy family, United States’ “royalty”, has experienced many Scorpio tests, two of which are illness and death (the three signs of death are Aries, Scorpio and Pisces) leading to Discipleship (Scorpio) leading to Initiation (Capricorn). We always reincarnate within our same family and friend groups within a specific country. And so everyone within our groups and our country evolves together and simultaneously.

This week most days are v/c along with Mercury retrograde. We may experience nothing working out as planned. Plan for this. Tuesday (12:22 pm) is new moon at 13 Gemini. Join the NGWS by reciting the Great Invocation. (Celestial Events and v/c days are at www.nightlightnews.com)

ARIES: Notice your focus on others understanding you, most important during retrograde times. However if others are non-receptive for protection, you will limit communication. This is good. There is much you want to say and will therefore mull over and over thoughts, ideas and communications making sure what you said was clear and precise. You are doing your best. These are not easy times. You’re good.

TAURUS: Your activities are now based upon previous research, which created a value system, which you attempt(ed) to express and maintain. It is important to focus on finances – new ways of creating resources to stabilize your life and the life and future of others. Careful with health. Should there be a chronic illness seek medical help including alternative modalities. What past behavior needs to be broken?

GEMINI: You want to progress forward, are somewhat impatient, will leap ahead with thoughts and conclusions before all the information is in. It is difficult to focus your energies outward during retrogrades especially for Geminis who are mostly outward focused until the Soul assumes direction. Notice that you jump into situations then retreat. Observing your behaviors, choices and thoughts allows for a deeper self-identity. It’s changing again.

: There’s a constant inward turning toward understanding the reality and truth of what you see, hear, feel, and experience. This is spiritual work. As you remember past circumstances and choices made in the last several years you feel extremely introverted, replaying conversations in your mind until exhausted. This is difficult. Be aware that your family is fine and they will take care of themselves. They are experiencing the tests of life.

LEO: Is your mind seeking a sense of greater meaning? Are you hunting a rainbow? Have you encountered many important people and those who love you as you remained detached? You are a loner yet need people to color your world, to inspire you, and to be, in turn inspired by you. You are uncomfortable in crowds yet it’s the crowd that crowns you. Are you thinking of all you could have done, but didn’t?

VIRGO: As you reflect on past achievements, do they measure up to your expectations? This is an interesting time for you. There is a realization that due to family training your self-expression can feel inhibited and cautious. The same ways you have built your past you build your future. These issues help you discover a life direction. You will recreate your past. Then you will create your future. It will be free.

LIBRA: Are you moving forward and backward, expanding and contracting all the while removed from a stable center? Perhaps you are making the trivial into a philosophical treatise and trivializing what’s most important? These are polarities. You are experiencing these so your awareness can be strengthened. What is most important is that you come to a realizing that through Goodwill, which creates Right Relations you finally, come to a state of active peacefulness.

: We know you are a deep thinker who enters into the heart of life’s deepest meanings. This is good. However you can be misunderstood because as others accept superficial answers to most questions, you do not. Sometimes this makes you shy away from intimacy. Keeping thoughts and ideas to yourself you can become isolating. Try not to have this happen. Instead force yourself to communicate, use Right Language, and you will regenerate yourself and others. This takes pondering.

SAGITTARIUS: Present experiences are teaching you to balance the focus of your ideas and needs with the needs of others. Although you may feel hampered by this, your self-expression and understanding become enhanced. It’s a paradox (as usual). Should you be feeling more indecisive than usual, wait awhile. Your inner self and mind are evaluating past occurrence in order to fashion your future. Don’t worry. Be happy. (what Teacher said that?)

CAPRICORN: Know that you may be analyzing reality through the eyes of others. Should there be a sense of frustration in relationships, remember that conflict is the first step toward a greater harmony. You are capable of harmonizing all realities – children, partner, siblings, friends. Although you also may choose not to do this, you already do. You simply must have time (out) for yourself to sort out your own conflicts. You also need rest, massages, warm waters, and love in all its forms.

: Your ability to analyze and organize is a comfort. However you may feel that others are expecting from you what you cannot deliver. This creates a state of nervousness and later resentment. Then you can be overly critical of yourself wondering if your words, thoughts and actions were kind. Much of your time is spent thinking you should be doing more. If you simply organize your life (papers, clothes, objects, etc.) you will be able to do more. Get a file cabinet and files.

PISCES: Safety and security are on your mind, and the need to be in an environment where you feel sure of yourself. This is not available in the outer world. It’s possible you feel quite alone. Something very important seems to end, family becomes most important yet they remain on the periphery, you think about your mother, and tend to duties and tasks that are at times overwhelming. Nevertheless, you are diligent, hard working, and practical. Pray.

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