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Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini

Mercury retrogrades in Gemini (21 degrees) Monday morning. Tend to all communication carefully. In the meantime news around the world in the past weeks has been devastating – Colombia’s earthquake, China’s earthquake, Myanmar’s cyclone. Deaths could exceed one million and rising. We can do two things to assist those who are suffering: 1) donate to the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Catholic Charities, Unicef, Care International, etc.
2) recite for those who have died Ohm Mani Padme Hum, over and over when we remember. This mantram assists in their transition through the bardos (pathway between Earth and spirit world), it assists the grief-stricken families left behind, it assists the angelic realms tending to the dead who are in shock, and it assists in the stability of our entire Earth in these difficult and continuing reorienting times with more to come.

Many of the prophets, seers, clairvoyants and futurists are no longer suggesting change is coming. They say we are in that change and the focus now must be on 1) awareness and sensitivity which will help us know when a disaster will strike, and 2) preparation – putting foods, medicines, water and essentials by (like the Mormons who very efficiently teach the skills of preparedness). What is occurring is an end to the materialism (Pluto in Capricorn) we have known (a developmental stage living in form and matter) so that a “new materialism” (spiritualized) can take shape in the form of a “sharing economy” which later will consist of barter, community living, and equal distribution of resources. (read more including Celestial Events at www.nightlightnews.com)

ARIES: What is the status of your car? Does it need a tune-up and/or repairs? What is the status of the computer and phone systems? Do they need upgrading? Are there people you must contact, tasks to tend, bills and correspondences waiting for your attention? Whatever must be done, do it slowly, with care and attention and give yourself more time than usual. Have intentions to complete all past work. You have three weeks.

TAURUS: Previous financial situations not able to be tended to till now will need your attention. With all bills and monetary interactions, check and recheck the amounts for there could be mistakes. It will be important to re-evaluate your budget and spending. I think you have many valuable items, which could be sold so you have more capital to work with and in order to purchase preparedness supplies. And create that environment you’re impelled to build.

GEMINI: You ponder upon how others perceive you. Realize you have leadership abilities. In the next several weeks your thoughts will make you aware or self-identity. Do not allow criticism to undermine your goodness. There may be a challenge between your love of self and your judgmental self. Someone else may activate this. Know that your childhood experiences were chosen by you for learning.

CANCER: Fears may be ready to set up housekeeping in your emotional mind. Inform them they are not welcome. Others can assist you if you talk about what’s bothering you. Fear can become addictive, looping over and over in your lower mind and bringing you to your knees metaphorically. If there is lamentation and grief, that is allowed. But fear isn’t. It isn’t real and is based on non-information.

LEO: Reassessing friendships and social interactions, future goals, hopes, wishes and aspirations are your currents of thought in the coming weeks. Re-evaluating these keeps us in touch and aware. Whenever we feel tension and longing a new need and aspiration is calling us. Respect this. When desires are spiritualized, they become aspirations. They tell us of the pathways to our future.

VIRGO: Your life direction will come into focus along with who you want to be in the coming years. These are very important considerations. Sometimes we don’t really know what life has in store for us. And sometimes we can’t visualize anything. What in your life are you striving toward? What things/events are most important for you? Do the environments you find yourself in, reflect you?

LIBRA: Several times in our lives we have spiritual experiences that lead us to reassess life’s purpose and our purpose within life itself. We refine and redefine; we ask if there is actual justice in life. There is but it’s often hidden unless we quest beneath the surface of accepted reality. Ethics become important. What are your ethics? Do you know what they are? Remember at all times to radiate Goodwill.

SCORPIO: Other people’s money and resources will be on your mind and/or money and resources you hold in common with another. Arrange a meeting specifically concerning these resources stating what both of your needs are for the future. You will reassess and rearrange but it must be done with equanimity. We will begin to enter into a sharing economy. Knowing this you can better manage your need for power. Power with others works.

SAGITTARIUS: Remembering all previous relationships may occur the next three weeks. It’s good to assess what was gained, what worked, what didn’t and how your belief systems (patterns learned when you were small) affected the outcomes. Something special is or will be occurring intimately. Perhaps it’s that you understand how love works and that it’s not about the other. It’s about your intentions and ability to see the life principle in action.

CAPRICORN: Daily work and agendas, interactions with co-workers will be the focus. Something from the past shows up and through cooperation and intentions for right relations you create a state of cooperation that surpasses all expectations. Home life on a daily basis may feel changed. A previous restrictive attitude of someone near you continues to be difficult. Eventually this must be faced lest something is lost forever. Schedules shift and change constantly.

AQUARIUS: It’s good to know there’s a difference between what makes you happy and what makes others happy. They’re not the same. It is a radical shift within ourselves when we ask what makes another happy, soothed, comforted, cared for. When we realize these we may at first have to sacrifice our own comfort. But should we tend to the other, joy replaces discomfort and the happiness is ours. This is Soul work.

PISCES: The following issues will be on your mind in the next three weeks. Your mother and you as mother (if you are); your relationship with your children, especially daughters; concern about your home – where and how you live and what the future will bring in terms of home, family, and the quality of nurturing you will receive. There will be conflicts felt amidst all the realities. What you truly want may not be available. But something greater is. Definition and seeking helps it find you.

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