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Unifying Stabilizing Humanity
Wesak, Pope Benedict, Passover

Esoteric Astrology for April 17-23

Five spiritualizing events occur this week in our world: the Wesak Taurus Full Moon festival, Passover, Pope Benedict’s visits; transiting Uranus squares the U.S. Mars, and Sun enters Taurus,. If we ponder the synchronizing effects of these, the potency is apparent.

Wesak is the Festival of the Buddha whose light contains for humanity, God’s purpose. The Buddha represents Eastern spirituality, wisdom, the Ancient Ones. The Pope represents Western spirituality, the Love aspect of Christ.
On Saturday, East and West come together just as the Ray 1 force of Shamballa is distributed to the Christ (Ray 2) in New York City (Ray 3). A triangle is thus formed within our world.

Passover, also on Saturday, represents humanity’s passage long ago from one age to the next. We, too, are in the “passage of the Ages” now, from Pisces to Aquarius with its accompanying tumult and crisis.

What we have on our planet this week with these simultaneous events occurring is a unified spiritual approach, which has the purpose of stabilizing and strengthening all of humanity. Let us welcome the Pope in his U.S. pilgrimage and pray for his protection. Let us also help strengthen humanity during the Wesak festival by reciting the World Prayer, the Great Invocation, together. Read more at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: By now your leadership has emerged and everyone knows about it and some will think you’re driven (you are) and others will think you’re arrogant (you shouldn’t be), others will follow you (treat them with care) and others won’t (that’s OK). With everything at stake tend to how you present yourself, your conduct (manners and politeness), keep promises and don’t fall into exhaustion. You’ve a long road ahead. The Shamballa force is leading.

TAURUS: Daily we find you in active investigation and research, learning about the planetary changes and figuring out how to best respond to respond by creating a new reality fully prepared for humanity’s needs. If not yet doing this then you will soon. You realize that at all beginnings one must keep quiet so the initial energies are not dispersed and evaporate. You are correct. Maintain your silence till it’s revelation time.

GEMINI: Share with others your plans because once they’re known you will set up connections that are beyond usual contacts into realms where humanitarian concerns are the primary focus. Deep down inside you have hopes and wishes, desires and aspirations to assist humanity. I suggest a study of the United Nations. Find your way there. The UN astrology chart has Moon and Uranus in Gemini. The moon comforts and Uranus reveals. They call you.

CANCER: Perhaps, feeling tired of your usual work, you distanced yourself. Surprisingly missing work, you reestablished yourself within a new context, that of friendships. This is good because you are needed, appreciated and recognized even without your realization. Be very attentive to the positive in an attempt to dislodge all that isn’t. This creates self-confidence and greater truth, which you always seek. Your mantram: “Let reality govern my every thought.”

LEO: Have you been calm recently or must you summon calmness from deep within? Are you thinking of traveling or important humanitarian matters at a distance? Are you in touch with relatives? And are you communicating without irritation and irritability? Future plans are about to arrive. What will you do with them? Save your money for some long rainy days and for the special travel you long to do, which you realize will forever change you.

VIRGO: In your life, what things, events, realities need to be reoriented, salvaged, retrieved, reclaimed and or rescued? It could be anything, from the present to the past and into the future. Have you completed taxes and tended to monetary concerns? You do best when pondering a problem and listening carefully to the impressions. Then you become resourceful, creative, and revolutionary. Some inner talents need recognition. And they are…?

LIBRA: Are there thoughts of change in your environment, large or small? Both are important. In your daily life’s atmosphere try to maintain calming kindness. This will assist in understanding, which is like an umbrella protecting you from rain and hail. Cooperation is a good meditative seed thought to ponder. Cooperation brings you closer to everyone for they will feel you support their ideas, endeavors and whatever developmental stages they are experiencing. Ohm is your second keynote.

SCORPIO: Whatever you find yourself doing each day, begin by saying the following mantram: “I find more and more organized ways of doing tasks each day. This gives me more time for creative pursuits which I am finding are seeking me.” Like the words to Libra, being kind and helpful to others, assists in an opening of your heart that will then reveal information to you, which you seek. Careful with words. Use them to heal, not hurt.

SAGITTARIUS: You may need a bit more social life; activities that make you laugh and let you know life is good. You may also need to drop any anxiety about the future for it will come no matter what you do and it has its own agendas for you. You may try and work more quietly within yourself, trusting that whatever occurs is building you toward success and leadership. What am I saying here? Your life is spiritually planned. It’s already ahead of you.

CAPRICORN: Tending to parents is a good thing to do at this time. When one gets older they shift their security base. Instead of being in charge, their children are. This is a natural order of things. I’m reminded of the photography of the young baby being held by his father and much later in life there was a photograph of that baby, grown up, carrying his father. What is the statement? “S/he’s not heavy. S/he’s my mother, sister, brother, father.” This you understand. Teach this harmonious hierarchy to your children now.

AQUARIUS: Being in touch with brothers and sisters is appropriate now. Make this contact regularly. It releases love in the family and between and among all of you. Contact releases love. Make family interactions everyday transactions. You will begin to advance the life force, anchored in the heart, within your family. Do this with conscious choice as a daily act of goodwill. Your life will then gain more meaning, which you quietly seek.

PISCES: You are thinking about money, finances, resource and important papers. You wonder how to organize them. Balancing your budget, or creating a new one is paramount in your mind. You want a new life, a new environment, different resources, more freedom. It’s good to create all of these in solitude. Create a new journal called Resources, Finances, Environments and Gardens. Safeguard it as your creative endeavor most important to creating your future. Ask in the meantime, what is your value? The answer comes.

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