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Esoteric Astrology as news for week March 27-April 2, 2008

Forces of Reconstruction

We rest and contemplate this week for we have completed the first of the Three Major Festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini) that create the spiritual template for the upcoming year. These festivals, spiritual high points of the year, call forth (summon, demand) from the Spirit of Resurrection a specific force. During Aries the New Group of World Servers invoke the Forces of Restoration. Appearing initially after World War II and establishing the United Nations in 1945, the Forces of Restoration provide humanity with vision, aspiration, right idealism, right relations and fixed humanitarian intention. They reorient us psychologically, eliminate what is no longer useful and restore what is needed for the Aquarian new culture and civilization. The Forces of Restoration are the “hope of the nations” and are now needed for in the coming times we face a world transformation with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo. We are just beginning. (Read more on this along with Celestial Events at www.nightlightnews.com).

ARIES: Family issues are most important. They bring up today what happened long ago, activating things forgotten, behaviors that we might not want to remember, but most of all don’t understand. When we find ourselves arguing or fighting with others it could be we don’t understand something and that hurts us. It is vital to be aware of all actions and words and intentions. There is much activity within and at home. Find solitude and rest there.

TAURUS: When working with others, great things can be accomplished. New ideas flood your mind as you sense the changes occurring in the world and know you must lead others towards safe alternatives. You have great strength of purpose. Realize others may have different paths and purposes in life. Much mental work will be done. Create notebooks for each project. Upgrade your technology.

GEMINI: Once again the question is what do you value? Gemini can value two sides of a coin equally. Instead of arguing with others concerning what they value, listen carefully to them and ask why they value what they do and how they came to their awareness. Some people may not even understand the word value. At this time for you, understanding your values defines your life choices. Create a visual and written notebook describing what you value. At some defining point, the contents of your notebook appear.

CANCER: Are you experiencing lots of activity, errands, little trips, fixing things, preparing for guests, cleaning from winter and preparing for summer. You want others to see you’ve ordered your environment making it beautiful. This is good. However, careful with seeing only one side of things – that which is all and only about yourself. Should you notice a shift in other people’s behavior it could be you’ve stepped on toes. Careful with health and headaches.

LEO: It’s possible you’re doing great work, yet others, not you, are recognized and applauded. This could create irritability that casts a shadow of unease all around. Perhaps you want to show your true self but somehow you’re misunderstood. Results are emotional upsets and possible confrontations with others who won’t understand at all. Solitude is best. Near a stream, under trees, in a forest or a desert far away. You know this place.

VIRGO: It helps these days if you gather with others and work together on a common project, perhaps a study or reading or cooking or dancing or exercise or walking or gardening or swimming or parent group. Be sure to balance your presence (ideas, needs, wants) in the group. You are not to be only in charge. Nor are you to be subservient. You are to be equal and how this is done is to coordinate your interests and needs with those of the others. You can do this and it will serve you.

LIBRA: Proceed with great care in all areas of public life. Realize the power you project, which you could be unaware of, can make other feel uneasy. Therefore be very aware of communication, especially if giving orders or speaking with officials. Aligning with them, letting them know you are on their side, will make people help instead of halting you. Libra’s most important gift (task, actually) is the ability to create Right Relations, which leads to Right Actions and peacefulness. Cultivate constant Goodwill. And be truly kind.

SCORPIO: Now is the time to realize that who you thought you were isn’t all of what you truly are. And that what you believe in isn’t really who you are, either. This can become complex because often we want others to believe as we do which then lets us believe in ourselves even more. This is subtle. Are you following? What you’ve learned in the past is well and good. But your mind now seeks more information, in depth study, expanded awareness and new dimensions of thought. On your way to these new realities, take ultimate care of yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: Things are subtle and blatant, present and then not, here but not there, then and later. How utterly confusing this can be. It’s because what impels you to move forward is quietly hidden doing the work of transforming you so your vision of is a bit blurry and no amount of anything can correct this. You will have to live with the paradox for a bit. Your life experiences are being reviewed for their usefulness in the times to come. Here’s the virtue of patience to borrow for a while.

CAPRICORN: Use all that tension to pursue a certain creative endeavor. Perhaps it would be good to coordinate and cooperate with another, which will bring you harmony and a sense of intimacy within relationship. Right Human Relations occurs when grievances are brought forth and everyone listens carefully for the purpose of clearing the air and finding truth. If there is conflict, notice who has less power. Stand up, protect, and fight for them.

AQUARIUS: How is your health? Maintain a rigorous daily exercise program and avoid anything detrimental to your health. Should you feel frustrations do not maintain a pained and distant silence. Find someone(s) who can listen without giving advice. Keeping silent in the face of any type of intense feeling can create an illness. Work each day on a goal. Do not push it aside. Should you tend to practical things you will find yourself living with pride of self and happiness.

PISCES: A sense of discipline can be hard to find these days. You would prefer to play and have fun, experience life as simple and easy. Anything or anyone making demands upon you or your energy will need to watch out. You may assert your needs quite clearly so that others step back. Try and inform everyone of your need for playful and fun amusements. A Pisces can’t always be sad and hidden and drowning somewhere behind a watery fern.

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