Risa's Astrology for July 26, 2007

Venus Retrogrades

Venus, the bright evening star in our night sky, turns retrograde
Friday morning at 12:28 pm (midwest time) at 2 degrees Virgo. Where is that degree in everyone’s chart? Venus will re-enter Leo August 10th and be in retrograde motion until September 7th. Venus retrogrades every 18 months and lasts six weeks. Venus is the planet that rules what we love, what we’re attracted to, our money,
aesthetics and how we value the people and objects in our life.
Sometimes Venus retrograde brings war. Venus is the planet Taurus
(values and money) and Libra (relationships) work through. Therefore these signs will feel the Venus retrograde more than most.

We know that retrogrades signify an inward movement of the planet’s
energy (and thus our energy). Everyone in the world will experience
this Venus retrograde. Love, relationships, values and our
possessions will be altered and will not function in ways we are used
to. We will be called to look back upon that which is unfinished,
including feelings about others, past loves and business
relationships. We may have difficulty expressing ourselves for the
energy of a retrograde activates inner levels. We will re-evaluate
existing relationships. A new and higher level of harmony and balance
will be sought. We will review the issues in our lives that have been
difficult and attempt to discover other paths and ways of living that
bring forth love, comfort, money and the Art of Living. Relationships
that begin during Venus retrograde turn out to be quite different
when Venus turns direct. This is a forewarning.

Individually we re-evaluate how we think about ourselves, how we
look, dress, speak, and tend to our own care and feeding (on all
levels including spiritual). It’s really fun to observe others during
a Venus retrograde. Everything’s quite upside down. And the best fun
of all is when Venus retro is over. If we’re looking we find that our
world has changed. (Read more on Venus retro plus the Celestial
Events at www.nightlightnews.com.)

ARIES: So much of the past comes forward into your present and daily
life. Some of it will be serious while some will be about fun and
play – the way you played long ago, how and with whom. During the
next six weeks do acknowledge your creativity and spend time refining
it. Be as disciplined as you can which isn’t your primary gift, but
try. Tend carefully to relationships and money and observe which of
them you value most.

TAURUS: Your past and present will stand side by side. You’ll make
very creative decisions concerning these two and very important
decisions concerning what your values presently are, where and why.
Home is part of the issues you assess. Amidst a hesitation there’s a
desire to clean up, clear out, and remove what is not useful. Money
is essential at this time. Chances need to be taken. What are they?

GEMINI: Venus is your Soul ruler. It’s hovering between your mind and
your home, trying to decide where area of life to alter. Most likely
you will go back to childhood and remember emotional influences. You
will realize you cannot withdraw from them anymore. You will and
confront and then tend them. You are still good. You are simply more
aware. You have built your own integrity.

CANCER: Your mind will carefully slow down and assess priorities.
Your energy, after all the evaluations concerning what is important
and what is not, what you need and what others don’t need of you,
will slowly acclimate itself to another path to be taken. You will
release the old and gather an unknown. This new journey will reveal
itself to you in time. Care is the keynote. And Goodwill.

LEO: I found a gratefulness site on the web
(http://www.gratefulness.org/). I thought about you. Always I tell
people to recognize, praise and compliment all Leos for that is how
they learn about themselves, find their creativity, and move up the
evolutionary ladder. Gratefulness accelerates our upward climb. So I
thought you could turn around and be grateful to all those in your
life who loved you. We were always grateful for you.

VIRGO: Internal ideas will make you feel busier than usual. You’ll
move about your environments in deep thought about yourself, your
state of being, your self-identity and how others have seen you in
the past. Creating peace will be your agenda. You remember the
esoteric algebra for peace – Goodwill creates Right Relations creates
the process of peace. This is yours to do.

LIBRA: It is possible that unresolved situations concerning a loved
one may come into your mind and heart and you will feel them deeply
on a psychological level. You will assess your service to others, to
humanity, to those you love. You will wonder if you’ve done enough,
if you can do more, and think about those you left behind. Within
your heart there is a silent place. It’s a place you don’t touch. It
will be touched.

SCORPIO: You will review your group associations, your friends, and
the company you keep.  You will assess if they provide you with
safety and security, if they nurture and care for you in the ways you
need and in the ways you wish they would. The question to ponder is
how do you tend to your friends, groups, and associates in return? Is
there more you can do? In the next six weeks you’ll gather
information on how.

SAGITTARIUS: Your work world will be evaluated in the next six weeks
in terms of whether you are still attracted to this environment and
work. Make no decisions. You may also be involved in more artistic
matters such as designing, redecorating, or making forward movements
into the realm of public relations. Someone older may guide you. A
barrier becomes attractive.

CAPRICORN: You will be evaluating things at a distance, perhaps a new
geography, piece of land, a city or town where people live and work.
You wonder and evaluate in detail what is best for your future and
present needs. Some Caps will travel back to where they came from, to
what they’ve loved and to places close to their hearts. Soon lots of
work will show up.

AQUARIUS: Subtle things will occur in the next six weeks. They will
be a bit hidden, perhaps tinged with money matters, be concerned for
another close to you but far away, feel intense, maybe sexual and
everything you have been unaware of comes knocking on your door.
Intimacy, psychology, evolution, growth and being confronted by your
heart can be expected.

PISCES: With Venus retrograde we ask what do we value? This is a
question for all Pisces who sometimes don’t know what value is, what
they value, and what to do with the things they value. This Venus
retro will bring order and organization, tending and caring then
eliminating most of everything. Daily work is more than overfull.
During the next six weeks the work world of Pisces be disciplined.
Gratitude follows.

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