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By Mustin Mar | (mär) verb: 1. To inflict damage noun: 2. The luckiest band in the world Kyle Reidy is your typical six-foot-five dude. He’s a big sweetheart and

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Opinion: Doug Thompson and Daddy Warbucks

My favorite columnist By Doug Thompson My favorite living columnist is not some political guru, foreign policy expert or historian. My favorite columnist since Mike Royko died, by far, is

On the Aisle- Film Review by Tony Macklin

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Who is David Yates? If you don’t know, don’t worry, nobody does. He’s a director. He directed the unabashedly liberal movie, The

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Highlights- July 26- Aug. 2

United We Jam showcases Fayetteville talent Every once and a while, a small group of highly creative people get together and take a totally different approach to how things are
8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week- July 26- Aug. 2

SPECIAL EVENTS Roller Derby- Twisted Sisters vs. Hardwood Harlots at 8 p.m. Saturday at All Star Sports Arena behind Wal-Mart in Springdale. Blue Jean Ball at 7 p.m. Saturday


Music & Clubs- July 26-Aug. 2

Thursday, July 26 Bayou - Maud Crawford Bordino’s - Gibson Harris Trio Déjà Vu - DJ Revellution Green Door - The Greens Jammin’ Java - Open Bluegrass Jam Jose’s Streetside
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E Wine of the Week – Bruce Cochran

Hello Everyone, We’re looking for summertime bargains this week, following my “zagger” philosophy: If everyone else is “zigging,” I’m looking for higher quality at lower prices by “zagging.” It doesn’t

Risa's Astrology

Risa's Astrology for July 26, 2007

Venus Retrogrades Venus, the bright evening star in our night sky, turns retrograde Friday morning at 12:28 pm (midwest time) at 2 degrees Virgo. Where is that degree in everyone’s


A Nuclear Phoenix?

A Nuclear Phoenix? Concern about Climate Change is Spurring an Atomic Renaissance By Jim Motavalli Sitting in the belly of the beast—Dominion’s 2,000-megawatt Millstone nuclear power plant in Waterford, Connecticut—the

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Opinion: Doug Thompson and Daddy Warbucks

Harry Potter goes to war By Doug Thompson There are three main criticisms of the new Harry Potter movie in the press. All are true but none offer better alternatives.