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A Nuclear Phoenix?

A Nuclear Phoenix? Concern about Climate Change is Spurring an Atomic Renaissance By Jim Motavalli Sitting in the belly of the beast—Dominion’s 2,000-megawatt Millstone nuclear power plant in Waterford, Connecticut—the

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Opinion: Doug Thompson and Daddy Warbucks

Harry Potter goes to war By Doug Thompson There are three main criticisms of the new Harry Potter movie in the press. All are true but none offer better alternatives.

On the Aisle- Film Review by Tony Macklin

Transformers Usually summer brings disappointments at the movies — overhyped underachievements, such as Bad Boys II or Poseidon or Miami Vice. But in 2007, one week has restored summer fun

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Highlights, July 19-26

Blues in the Natural State Festival, A trip to the mansion, Bruce Barth jazz, Art Walk in Rogers

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week- July 19-16

All events listed in 8 Days a Week are open to the public. To submit a listing, send to FFW, 203 N. College Avenue, Fayetteville, AR 72701, or fax to

Music & Clubs July 19-25

Thursday, July 19 Bayou - TJ Dave & Brian Bordino’s - Dave Rogers Trio Déjà Vu - DJ Revellution Foghorn’s - The Wranglers Green Door - Charliehorse Jammin’ Java –
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E Wine of the Week – Bruce Cochran

Monterey County- A good place to visit and taste Hello Everyone, This week we’re in California again, but looking at white wine. Even red wine lovers occasionally enjoy a white

Risa's Astrology

Risa's Astrology for July 19-25, 2007

For July 19-25 Cancer – The World Mother in Sacrifice During this past Mercury retrograde in Cancer, sign of the world mother (mater) and gate between worlds (life and death),