Risa's Astrology for July 19-25, 2007

For July 19-25

Cancer – The World Mother in Sacrifice

During this past Mercury retrograde in Cancer, sign of the world mother (mater) and gate between worlds (life and death), the news each day contained continuous reports of the deaths of women and mothers.

Last week a student (mother) in our Institute died. The memorial, which felt more like a celebration, a birth, and a marriage, drew over one thousand mourners. On everyone’s lips, amidst their shock and grief were the questions: Why? How? When? What is this Death? and What do I do now?

I suggest everyone read “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” by Sogyal Rinpoche and create a document outlining in detail what our loved ones are to do after our death. In our Institute’s class on Understanding Death everyone must create their memorial service and their family and friends receive a copy. I also suggest Maria Shriver’s book “What is Heaven.” Our student created her document four years ago. She was a beautiful, thirty-six year old minister and Biblical scholar, a wife and a mother to three young girls. She died suddenly in her sleep…

Death, for the one who dies, is a liberation, a resurrection and a freedom. There is actually no real death. The Life principle that animates us here on Earth, simply shifts us to another dimension. On Earth we have access to 7 levels of consciousness (and 49 sublevels). Humanity lives primarily within the first 2 1/2 to 3 levels – physical, emotional, & mental. When we die, shedding our outer physical body, emotions, and lower mind (the personality), our Soul (but not the personality) continues to live on in the higher dimensions – what we call “heaven.” Here the Soul-being takes up its inner life, goes to school, assumes the “age” of 30, and continues to serve those s/he left behind.

We send our love to our student’s family, to her husband and their three young children. Our student was Libra Sun, Moon in Leo and Sag rising. She has progressed into Scorpio, the sign of discipleship. And the sign of experiencing and encountering and thus understanding death.

When there is a death, we, the ones left behind, remember several tasks that are ours to do:
1) the death day of the one who died is their new birthday;
2) we remember them and pray for them weekly on the anniversary of their death;
3) we recite for 49 days after death the words Ohm Mani Padme Hum. This mantram calms and brings peace. It assists the one who has died to walk toward the Light while in the Bardos (transitional world between earth and heaven, which can be frightening).

We also remember that it is the Soul that chooses the day and time of death. The Soul, the golden five-pointed star above our heads that directs disciples (which Rochelle definitely is) knows when our work (a contract) has been completed on earth. It is then that “The arrow of God pierces the heart and death takes place.”

One of the ideas very helpful to grasp is that the process of death does not dissolve Contact, Impression and Relationship. With disciples there is still contact with family and friends during the hours of sleep; there is still the reception of impression from environments and associates, and there is still the recognition of relationships and a sense of responsibility. So we can continue to communicate with Rochelle.

Let us walk now with this young mother and direct her toward the Light. She is being met “on the other side” by another esoteric student of ours, who died several years ago. Our two students now work within the inner Ashram with the Christ and the Tibetan.

Drops of Jupiter… Ohm Mani Padme Hum.

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ARIES: Do you need help with finances? Do you feel finances are running away from you? Someone you know and trust offers balance and perceptive thoughts. Someone’s trying to speak with you. Can you hear them? It would be good to listen and ponder ideas presented. New goals will come forth from them.

TAURUS: You are stronger each day and each day you see more must be accomplished and you ask others to help in a charming way and somehow what you ask gets done. Has every day felt like an emergency? This is a training ground for strength, stamina and psychological clarity.

GEMINI: What spiritual thoughts are you having? What thoughts concerning the past are appearing in your mind? Are you dreaming and remembering your dreams in the morning? Something deep and loving is holding you in a certain light. When it’s work is done, you are to do the same with others.

CANCER: Do you find yourself in groups of friends, colleagues or family? Do you find yourself feeling angry at times, impatient at other times, frustrated or impulsed to push everyone forward? Do you feel that you can lead but others don’t recognize this? There must always be love when one is a leader. Without love, there is emptiness.

LEO: Are you finding yourself so busy with work that you almost can’t hear or recognize the honors others bestow upon you? Do you find that you work best when you’re your own boss? Do you feel ambitious as if you were a Capricorn? Is it possible there’s another line of work that more fully fulfills you? What could it be?

VIRGO: New horizons beckon, new inspirations, new goals and even a bit of old religion begins to call. And then there’s that traveling to be done. All these have to do with new studies and the gathering of knowledge you always reach for. Why? Because Virgo must provide new consciousness for everyone. And Virgo must begin with the self.

LIBRA: Take care that feelings of vulnerability do not get in the way of leadership qualities. Perhaps it’s a good time to step back and assess a few things – money, emotions, sexuality, intimacy, and how you handle power. Whenever there seems to be a crisis or conflict, know it’s a growth spurt even though they hurt a lot.

SCORPIO: You want to join, merge, create a union between yourself and others. If already in a committed relationship you will do what’s needed to make that commitment deeper, stronger and life directed. Allow no anger to enter relationships. Run a lot or do an exercise that directs energy away from others and builds your confidence and self-esteem.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re so busy, something’s being restructured (you?), everything’s so fast yet you keep up. Over and over you have to shift agendas, priorities and at this point the personal is being overshadowed by the job. This will pass, dress a bit differently, and think about getting a bird or fish or horse. For companionship.

CAPRICORN: Things could be pretty romantic. Why don’t you make them so? But beware, so easily could one of you not understand the other. On the other hand many Caps make take to gambling or other endeavors that have a high level of risk. Not a good idea. If children are around take them to the park and play with them.

AQUARIUS: As humanity continues to shift about, make war, seek peace, and wonder about, you wonder when you will ever have stability, a sense of place, a piece of land, and a constancy that lasts more than a couple of years before change happens again. Begin by defining what makes you feel secure, safe, then what home means to you. How are you and your mother doing?

PISCES: In the weeks to come you will gather more and more information, connect with a greater group of people, analyze several complicated arrangements, take food to a neighbor, offer help to those in need, seek a community of peers, contact by letter some special people, and return to a place that anchors and harbors you.

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