Risa's Astrology for July 12, 2007

Esoteric Astrology for July 12-18


A new moon, multiple astrological events and a national day of Freedom occur this week. Saturday is new moon in Cancer (22 degrees). In France it’s Bastille Day (Independence Day). Also on Saturday Venus (Ray 5) enters Virgo (Rays 2 & 6). Tuesday Pluto (Ray 1, death, rebirth, regenerate, transform) aligns the second of three times with the Galactic Center an event occurring every 248 years. Pluto’s final alignment with the Galactic Center will occur October 28, 2007. The Galactic Center is the center of our galaxy, a black hole, a portal, a door, an entrance holding multiple dimensions, past, present & future. Pluto is connected to the Cancer new moon.

Did everyone watch Live Earth and make the Pledge? If not, go to http://liveearthpledge.org/index.php and sign up. The tasks are easy, practical and “green” (the new black). Knowing what to do frees us. One doesn’t have to be famous to save the Earth. Just part of humanity, the World Disciple. Live Earth occurred in the sign of Cancer (Ray 3). Humanity must develop Ray 3. The Earth is Ray 3. Ray 3 is Divine Intelligence. During Cancer Divine Intelligence streams into the Earth and into the minds and hearts of humanity. It provides the intelligence to analyze situations and make them better. Live Earth, occurring during Cancer, the Gate through which Spirit enters matter, deeply affected humanity. It called us, through music, to serve our Earth and each other. Humanity responded and will continue to. Live Earth was a Ray 7 (building the new culture & civilization) event. There’s a connection between the U.S. Independence Day, France’s Bastille Day and the Live Earth Concert presented around the world. It’s an esoteric, Ray 3 & 7 connection. Great intelligence is needed to build the new culture and civilization. Read more including the week’s Celestial Events at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: So many thoughts concerning home, especially your childhood home and what occurred there. Do you remember? Your present home now is most important to tend to especially repairs and then small tasks that create beauty and comfort. A friend of mine in India sanctified his home as a Temple dedicated to Christ and the Hierarchy. Is your home a Temple?

TAURUS: Past and present goals are on your mind. You are dedicated to accomplish all that’s needed for your present and future safekeeping, security and freedom. You are strong at this time, your focusing powers are acute, and you resolve to avoid the loss of anything, whether it’s a home, a relationship or an idea long held in abeyance. Visualize what it is you need and want. Invite others to help.

GEMINI: Are your finances sufficient to you needs, is the idea of extra or more work a thought in your mind, are you or do you overspend or is money deposited into a savings account each month? If you answer no to the latter then begin to save now. Make this a foremost value. Pay yourself first supports your self worth and lessens emotional upheavals.

CANCER: When you begin to understand your inner intentions, tell others what they are so you can receive support. Without sharing, you can begin to feel alone under that shell where it’s safe to skirt issues and feelings. The family seems to need you more and more. A deeper relationship with your garden would soothe you. And just be aware that you are not everyone around you and they are not you.

LEO: Three signs are very sensitive – Leo is one of them. The months around your birthday are filled with emotions, awareness and sensitivity. Feelings fluctuate here, there and who knows where. Childhood is remembered and mentally happening all over again. Don’t hide, suppress or restrain the memories. They seek attention and healing. Like your yearly review, re-visualize your childhood and make it better. And then remember ahimsa (kindness to all life) forever.

VIRGO: In the coming months you’ll seek stability with friends, relationships and social situations. For this to occur you must be acutely truthful, have no hidden agendas, be strong in your own opinions, and know what your principles and ethics are. It is good at this time to make lists. One is what you know about yourself. The other is what virtues you wish to develop. Identifying the virtues magnetizes them to you.

LIBRA: You think about what actions would create a better future. Then you expand your field of influence and consider what would make a better future for your family and then the family called humanity. Did you watch Live Earth? Did you text your name and town? You seek to be seen, known and understood for your gifts of service. You want your visions and dreams to come true. They will if you follow the path of your own rainbow.

SCORPIO: It will soon be time to make reservations and travel to that place you long to experience. If the reality of travel is presently out of the question, begin a Travel Manifestation journal. Create your itinerary, plan your getaway, research vigorously and be very detailed. Then at the proper time, it will be travel time. In the meantime be aware of your goals, not the old but the new. I think that dream journey is a spiritual one.

SAGITTARIUS: Something within asks you to change the way your emotions control most parts of your life. Your emotions call you to always be first. And this creates difficulties. Very subtly, your spiritual self is asking that you seek to know what others around you need. And to offer them help, succor, empathy and concern. You do this sometimes but not always. And not always are you truthful. Try and be real. The conflicts within then recede. Quietly.

CAPRICORN: Our relationships, especially our most important ones, are blessed by this new moon. The Cancer moon nurtures those you love and provides you with ways to make your connections even more close, loving and fulfilling. You might ask your “other” what would make them feel more connected to you. What would make the relationship more fulfilling for them? Be prepared for all answers. Ponder them. You are “beloved” to many.

AQUARIUS: Have you been more concerned than usual about your life? Are responsibilities demanding more from you than expected? Did you know that Aquarians worry the most in the zodiac? What would bring you back to center and help you feel more balanced? I mentioned before that health needs to be assessed and doctors’ visits made. Do this. Then you’re free and assured.

PISCES: What constitutes fun and play and creative freedom for you? The answers come up this week. Observe if you find yourself surprisingly feeling happiness and enjoying yourself. There are new opportunities about to present themselves to you. Be aware so you can recognize them. They’re subtle. Something about art and painting, museums, culture and books. They soothe your distress.

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