Risa's Astrology- July 5-11

Mercury Direct

There’s so much news! From the reorienting water (floods) and fires to Cheney (poor man) not understanding where he belongs, to China’s imports to Michael Moore’s new film to freedom for Paris, to Elizabeth Edwards chiding Ann Coulter, to wondering where Right Relations are in the news? But most important is Mercury’s direct motion Monday at 7:15 pm. Read about Paris (her birth chart & “building her lighted house”), download a mantram for the New Group of World Servers and read more on the news analyzed from an esoteric perspective at www.nightlightnews.com.

Water in the Midwest creating rain forests in some areas and dangerous floodwaters in others. Fire at Lake Tahoe in our beloved California. Water and fire together are the two elements that create change leading to reorientation. Nature and the stars always alert us to the coming times. One is the body of and the other the mind of God. Are we listening? If yes, what do we do next?

So, the news to ponder upon: the iPhones became available and were purchased in a Mercury retro! Let’s see how they work. That V. Pres. Cheney is neither part of the Executive nor Legislative branches of the government! That he is, most likely, the actual U.S. President and running a secret, beyond-the-law government. That it’s best not to buy anything from China these days – from animal food, to fish to toothpaste to Thomas Trains. What product will be banned next? Two things are “out.” Michael Moore’s new film, Sicko, and Paris – free from jail but not free from the constant condescending, judgmental and unkind opinions spoken (shouted?) mainly from the TV’s male commentators. For shame.

So the big news this week astrologically is Mercury in direct motion. Very slowly we will regain our communication skills, drive a bit better, be less internal and confused. We can make goals and move forward with them, we can buy a car or a large appliance, we can make plans. But only for two weeks. Soon Venus retrogrades. It’s good to be aware that beginning this month (July), and continuing through January of 2008, we will mainly be experiencing retrograde planets. More on this at the end of July.

The week in which Sun and Sirius unite bringing Love/Wisdom to Earth: Thursday’s Pisces moon makes us retreat, feel a bit introspective, recognize suffering, and extend our hands in service. Lunch may be unusual and at dinner no one will compromise. Friday the moon enters Aries at 7:56 am (Pacific time). We emerge from our retreat to complete tasks during the last days of the Mercury retro. Old projects languishing about, organization, cleaning and filing can be completed during retrogrades and well into Saturday.

Sunday is v/c again, from 6:06 am till 10:54 am when moon enters stable Taurus. Communication and relationships harmonize well today. Monday Mercury is stationary direct (remaining in its shadow). Everything can be confusing and directionless (including drivers). Tuesday, v/c from 9:45 till 1:10 pm with Gemini moon, becomes difficult and challenging after five days of relative quiet. Time moves fast this week. Wednesday is intelligent, vast and potent. Careful with communication. Anger could explode. We have Mars/Pluto interacting. It’s best not to act them out. Ponder upon goals instead. (more at www.nightlightnews.com)

ARIES: What are your thoughts on money and resources. What’s of value to you? These questions become more important the next several months. Usually you simply get up and go, reach out and do. Now it’s vital that you ponder a bit more on finances, responsibilities and values. These thoughts are a roadmap to your future.

TAURUS: Usually you sit back allowing others to talk while you ponder and assess. But for weeks to come you are more vocal and quite authoritative. You could easily become despotic, autocratic, dictatorial and unusually aggressive. Be aware of this and attempt to maintain a bit of your usual kindness. If others step back in shock, tell them Mars is in your sign of Taurus and the bull is “roaring.”

GEMINI: You usual level of communication and your sometimes joi-de-vivre is diminished a bit. This is a good time to “look around” both internally and externally. What needs care and nurturance? Does anything with your present work need reviewing? What spiritual practices are you developing? Any? Some? None? Your safety and inner security depend upon them.

CANCER: “I build a lighted house and therein dwell,” is the most illuminating meditative seed thought. Sometimes those who don’t have a home stand outside other’s homes and look in with sorrow. They want a home, too, to live in, decorate, fill with family and pets, cook, garden, and to light up. Until that house appears, let’s light up the earth by asking the Soul to “enter.” Then we’re not so sad. It creates “amnesty” within.

LEO: Order and organization will be your creative process. Are you writing your past year’s review? Here’s how. Ponder, review and record what you learned, experienced, created, found, lost, and grew in. Re-create (remake) any difficulties and sadnesses by visualizing how you wanted them to be – making them life fulfilling. Simultaneously ponder upon and record, aspirations and needs for the coming year. Your angelic helpers are watching this so they can assist.

VIRGO: After Mercury retro (before Venus retro) is good traveling time – a journey filled with new ideas, culture and comfort. What would comfort you? – a most important question. What are your summer goals? Studying in a comfortable chair may be a goal. Resting more on your couch could be another. New internal structures and disciplines are forming. You are preparing for them.

LIBRA: Every once in a while, especially for Libras, though people think they party (or have sex) all the time, you simply must consider no work. Instead consider fun, play and what calls forth creativity. Maybe this summer it’s gardening in the back yard where you’re hidden. Maybe you’re preparing to have friends over and knowing how beauty is most important to you, your garden is becoming a magnet of living color. Have you been traveling recently?

SCORPIO: A bit of testing may occur so devote attention to health, money, partnerships, safety and security. Begin by observing and assessing each of these. How is your health? Does it need tending and do you need to schedule doctor or dental appointments? How are your finances and relationships? Is there more (or less) that you need to do? Patience and careful analysis gives you control – your favorite way of being.

SAGITTARIUS: I must remind you once again to observe your communication and tend to it carefully or you could hurt others (and the opposite could occur). Mars/Chiron in the sky is affecting everyone. Its force though is gathered in your house of communication and any anger or frustration with others could disrupt your sense of comfort, well being, and art of living. Use the mantram “I radiate Goodwill at all times.” Over and over.

CAPRICORN: Life seems good – spacious. You want to climb, run, jog, leap forward with life. Ideas flow through your mind swiftly and each moment is a creative act. You assess, as we must in retrogrades, the coming months (school, study, work, profession) through autumn and winter. You’re on track and will stay there even through difficulty and make it to the end. Joyfulness helps. Hi, Joy!

AQUARIUS: Many things you attempt to do, now and in the coming months, except for the two weeks between Mercury & Venus retro, may feel like you’re either backtracking or needing to call upon the patience of Job. Do you know who Job (in the Bible) is? I often say when stopped for prolonged times somewhere, look around. There’s richness to behold. What do you see?

PISCES: Heath issues could interfere with daily work. Therefore, through diet and gentle exercise, tend and care for the body. Work will at time seem endless. Do it anyway, segment by segment, each day. Visualize this. Sleep may not come easily. The homeopath Coffee Cruda along with extra calcium magnesium may help. A creative something your way comes. Watch for it.

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