Solstice, Christmas & Gifts of Each Sign

Solstice, Christmas & Gifts of Each Sign

And so here we are in the last days of the year, Friday, the Sun enters Capricorn and it’s winter solstice. Monday is Christmas. At winter solstice, (Latin for “sun standing still”), after three days of rest at the Tropic of Capricorn, the Sun begins its northward journey towards summer. We begin to gain seconds of light in the days after the solstice, even though it’s winter (in the northern hemisphere). It is always a paradox – summer and winter – in the light, there is always the shadow of darkness and in the darkness a flicker of new light is seen.

And so…as the Sun turned northward, more than 2000 years ago, a child was born in a town called Bethlehem. This birth provided Earth with an inflow of Cosmic life. At this birth a new light permeated the envelope of the Earth, lifting and imbuing the Earth with a new vital energy.

This child was a holy child, prophesied and prepared for over eons of time, born at the “returning of light”, later becoming the “Light of the World.” The birth of this child was the most important and momentous event in the evolution of humanity. There was evil on Earth and many in humanity were lost, having fallen behind. Without the birth of the holy child the Earth would have fallen into greater darkness.

The holy child’s name was Jesus. He grew up, and at age 30, was overshadowed by the World Teacher, the Christ, (Archangel from Sirius), known as the Teacher of Angels and men. The Christ brought Love to the Earth and asked of humanity to “love one another,” a lesson we are still learning.

Here is a poem by Longfellow called Christmas Bells.

And in the season of gift giving, I am reminded that each sign offers a gift. That we are actually gifts to and for each other. Let us remember and be thankful.

A Poem by H. W. Longfellow –

Christmas Bells

I heard the bells on Christmas Day

Their old, familiar carols play,

And wild and sweet

The words repeat

Of peace on earth, good-will to All!

And in despair I bowed my head;

“There is no peace on earth,” I said;

“For hate is strong,

And mocks the song

Of peace on earth, good-will to All!”

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:

“God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;

The Wrong shall fail,

The Right prevail,

With peace on earth, good-will to All.”

ARIES: Creates the beginnings of things, has a fiery, quick thinking mind, does not exhibit patience (especially for slower signs Pisces, Taurus, Cap, etc.), is filled with enthusiasm which means “filled with God.” Using the “I” word constantly, Aries is always developing a sense of self or a new identity, amidst being competitive, aggressive, and an impulsive risk taker. The Hierarchy looks on to see if Aries is a good risk for them. Because Aries goes where even angels fear to tread. The Initiator.

TAURUS: Learning how to say “no” is a gift. The word “no” is often the first word Taurus says. People think Taurus, saying “no” so often, is stubborn, but that’s not the reality. Taurus people think deeply before responding to questions. Their mind is based upon sensibility and practicality. Give them time to ponder on all aspects of the question before answering (and saying “yes”). Taurus loves gold and beautiful (Venus) things. Gold is valuable, and like Taurus, is a serious and long-lasting investment. Taurus illuminates the minds of humanity. They begin with themselves first. Quietly. The Illuminator.

GEMINI: Look at the shape of Gemini’s eyes. The eyes of Gemini are different than the other signs, except for the eyes of Aquarius. Gemini’s eyes ‘see” things others don’t see. They gather what is new, especially information in order to share it with others. Gemini is the messenger (Mercury), quite imaginative, sometimes a bit of a gossip, can be charming when it’s important and absent when it’s not. Gemini’s task and purpose, after dispensing information to the world, is to love beyond everyone else’s capacity. Sirius is Gemini’s guiding star. Gemini helps us become acquainted. The Messenger.

CANCER: This water sign is truly a crab, in and out of the water, always circling whatever interests them, and never moving in a straight line. Cancer’s energy is circuitous in order to assess the safety and well-being of places, things, people, events, etc. When safety is assured, they then offer nurturing and nourishment to all beings – babies, people, animals, gardens, etc. Shy and evasive in public they are lively and talkative with those close to them. Flowing with the moon’s cycles and ocean’s tides, they are very very sensitive. Neptune summons them. The Nourisher.

LEO: The heart of the zodiac, its magical creative force flows through Regulus, the heart of Leo, which is also the heart of those born under Leo. They are the proud lion, the world their jungle. They have a strong will, a high forehead, signifying their great intelligence and sometimes they have big hair. Leos can be generous, dramatic, rather intense, over- confident, and at times a pain to everyone. They are leaders, need to be in charge, very creative to the point of inspiring others and sensitive like Cancer. Their purpose is to unfold and become aware of their innate talents and gifts, and offer them to humanity. They are a “child of the Sun, of fire.” The Lover.

VIRGO: They bring order and organization to our lives. Known as a perfectionist, the reality is they harbor, nurture and gestate a harmonious new state of reality. Hidden within Virgo is the Soul of humanity. However, before becoming aware of this, they are often critical, judgmental, opinionated and silently unappreciative. But this is just a stage and after awareness sets in, they become trustworthy, exploratory, appreciative and helpful. Virgo’s purpose is to create gardens, interact with the devas and inform humanity that “love underlies the happenings of the times.” The Mother.

LIBRA: Libra is the life of the party, loves to play, have fun, be social, and create events where everyone comes together. They have a sense of fairness and justice. If they don’t see justice they set about changing things in order to bring forth a state of balance to everyone’s life – actually to life itself. Librans experience many relationships. Why? They’re learning how to be in relationships, learning how to choose, to discriminate between partners, to share and love and extend themselves so they can learn and radiate Right Human Relations. They are mediators, servers and bring beauty into the world. The Harmonizers.

SCORPIO: Scorpions experience deep, potent and emotional desires and feelings. Scorpios also have strong and powerful wills. Serious, determined, often reclusive, Scorpios are spectacular researchers. They are often, if not always, somewhat in a Halloween situation as they understand darkness, death and rebirth. They appear out of the ashes. They are the phoenix. On rare occasions, they ask others to walk with them through the darkness. Most everyone declines the invitation and withdraws. Scorpios never show weakness, take a long time to trust others, and can be harsh and undiplomatic (a stage). They suffer greatly and we find them deeply and profoundly admirable. The Disciple.

SAGITTARIUS: Known as the sign of Truth, Sags are like beams and arrows of light. They’re straightforward, uncomplicated, undemanding and supremely interested in the world. They’re always focused on what’s ahead, on the mountain top, over the plains toward a goal almost unreachable. This makes them adventurous, always on a journey somewhere. They are cultural, photographers, publishers, musicians, lovers of food. They need freedom. Their companion is Jupiter, the Lord of beneficence and joy. Sometimes, for little moments in time, they can also be sad. Sagittarius leads us to the mountaintop to the midnight Sun. The Way Shower.

CAPRICORN: The sign of self-reliance, like Taurus but different, Caps never ask for help for they must prove to themselves they’re independent, responsible, accountable, dependable and trustworthy. Often, no matter how much Caps accomplish, they feel unworthy and undeserving, judging themselves as not having done enough. This is the lower level of Saturn. Caps need help understanding they are always on the Path, they always do enough (and more). Having earned a starry place among their serving brothers and sisters in the heavens. Caps need to be reminded they are the “midnight rising sun, the Light Supernal.” The Builder of the Temple.

AQUARIUS: Honest and sincere, understanding brotherhood and seeking freedom, bringing the future into the present, always different and slightly revolutionary, Aquarians are comforted by knowing everyone. Everyone is their friend. It’s good being in their presence (parties, groups), as Aquarians are loyal and sympathetic (if their needs are met). These “waters of life” star children, thought of as eccentric, sometimes very determined, learn by being both alone and in groups and consider their work with seriousness. Aquarians are the “light that shines on Earth, across the sea.” They are the future.

PISCES: Very sensitive (like Cancer), a delicate fish (actually two), most comfortable in water (ocean, pools, river, lakes, rain), Pisces can suffer tremendously, not understanding life in form and matter. Sometimes the fish finds themselves in places and positions not quite right, sometimes with broken feet and bones. This is frightful for them. The Talmud says that “Every blade of grass has its angel bending over it, whispering, ‘Grow, grow.’” Pisces has their angel, bending over them, too. To care and protection. It’s just invisible. The Saving Force and Savior.

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