New Era, Laws & Principles, Scorpio’s Call & Message

New Era, Laws & Principles, Scorpio’s Call & Message

This is our last week of Scorpio – sign of the call to humanity to become disciples. That is why the experience of Scorpio is so difficult. It’s the last call, before the next four signs of Sagittarius (Journey to Shamballa), Capricorn (Initiation into the Mysteries), Aquarius (Call to serve humanity) and Pisces (Call to actually save humanity)! In Scorpio we learn to be fearless, investigative, at times profound and filled with mysteries and secrets. Scorpio is the sign of depth psychology. It’s where we search for the heart of all that matters. When we find it, we “capture” it and make it our own. Intrigue, hidden motives, mysteries and the secret of death appear. We remember also and over time, to never be hateful or cruel!

We are at the very beginning of a new era, the Aquarian Age. It is unfolding in the midst of the Kali Yuga, where there is darkness all around and we feel the farthest away from any sort of heaven. The Great Teachers offer humanity guidelines and directions on how to navigate each new Age. The Ages are 2,500 years long and each Age offers specific evolutionary tasks, guidelines, laws, principles and directions for the evolution of humanity as well as all life waves (kingdoms) on earth. The stars and planets support these guidelines, laws and principles. The laws for each Age do not diminish, they build upon and support each other.

Laws and Ages: Pisces Age (0 AD to 2,500 AD) is “to love one another.” The Ten Commandments were the laws for the Age of Aries (2500 BC to 0 AD). We are just at the very beginning of the Aquarian Age. As the Ages progress forward, the laws do not diminish. They support the laws and principles of each of the following Ages.

The new directions of behavior, and the tasks to be accomplished for the Aquarian Age are the Aquarian Laws and Principles (three laws and three principles). Laws (rules) follow (are derived from) principles (truths, standards). From Goodwill to Right Human Relations. From Unanimity to Group Endeavor. From Essential Divinity to Spiritual Approach. These six Laws and Principles are pondered upon during the year by disciples. Each one for two months. We are presently studying Essential Divinity – that all in our world is divine. At Winter Solstice we will shift to Right Human Relations which then takes us into the new year of 2024!

ARIES: All the Aquarian Laws and Principles need to be studed by you as you are the initiator of all things new in the zodiac and you are to be the Mars, the Mercury and the Uranus of the new era. I suggest a careful study of the Aquarian Laws and Principles, being curious about them, underline what is of most interest to you, and make intentions to observe your life within their context. One could say you’ve become a Scorpio for a while. This is actually good for you. Scorpio gives you needed depth.

TAURUS: You strategize your every day. Healing is the most important component of each day, week and the months to come. Seek all ways to transform and reorient your body to full health. Use each hour of the day wisely, focus on your health and well-being first before anyone else’s. Venus, your guardian angel, has moved into your house of health and service. We already know you’re serving. It’s your health you must serve now. Water, sleep, swimming, gentle exercise, vitamins, green drinks, sunshine, prayer.

GEMINI: Now is the time to share with others about your early life, its ups and downs and the fluctuations of family life. I will assume there was much creative thinking brought forth within in how to tend and bypass any chaos or conflicts. As an adult it is time to self-observe and to self-balance by understanding your life even if there was disorder. What were the good (and not so good) messages given? Early life conditions affect one’s adult life till we reorient and transform through forgiveness. This is everyone’s task. You can do it too!

CANCER: Are you nurturing others while remembering to nurturing yourself? You may wonder where you belong. Some questions: How would you like to live out the rest of your life? What is your creative outlet and is it being nurtured? Many in-depth questions must be asked so you don’t become unsettled emotionally, physically or mentally. As you seek a sense of peace and purpose, have the intention to become organized in all areas of your life. This leads to a deeper state of creativity. And a sense of purpose.

LEO: You may begin to sense and recognize how deeply your mind is held by emotional patterns created when just a child. These emotional situations led you to develop a great imagination, intuition and a depository of knowledge unequalled by most. From this you began to create. Careful not to succumb to introversion (and at times gloom) which feels like you should not exist. It’s good to dream and build castles in the air. You’re like Persephone but you eat apples instead of pomegranates. Invite others to eat apples with you. Plan and invite others to a garden party.

VIRGO: There is such a great aspiration to fix things, to help and to heal others, to serve, to offer assistance and to provide necessary information for seekers, for those lost and weary and especially when things go awry. Thoughts in the coming month may turn inward, toward the self. It is most important not to harbor critical thoughts. Create a secret room or sanctuary, dream of a secret garden with a secret door. It would be good to actually begin to manifest this, making it a goal for the coming new year. What would it look like? What would it hold? How is it a refuge?

LIBRA: Participation in various arts (painting, drawing, dancing, music, theatre, museum going, galleries, etc.) would elevate your sense of beauty, contemplation and stimulate imagination. Sociability, friendships and affection are linked to your spirituality and creativity. Actually as a leader among your friends, inviting them to participate with you in these endeavors would enliven their minds, open their hearts, and expand their vision and futures. You provide the link between people, art and beauty. Are you preparing for your usual holiday parties? Thanksgiving, Advent, Hanukkah, Christmas? Do include family. Try to not be irritable.

SCORPIO: In the weeks to come you will shift and change, feel humored, quick-witted and decisive, more outgoing, talkative, filled with ideas and group oriented. This lasts for just a bit of time so take advantage of it. Participate with groups that inspire you. Don’t entertain anything that is not inspiring. Things like food, gardening, baking, planning parties, gatherings and get togethers would be different for you, challenging, but also healthy. Explore new realities not often considered. Deep inside you is a person you don’t know yet. Trying to emerge.

SAGITTARIUS: These days find you very internal, sensitive, intuitive, imaginative and perhaps with a touch of spirituality and religion. Self-confidence may feel as if it’s hiding. You feel your way into different subtle realms that are not reasonable or practical. They are realities behind the veil. You are being called to others who create music, art and poetry. These may not be your usual skills but they will prepare you for later more unrestrained creations. You’re being held in hidden areas for a while. Remain sheltered and in seclusion.

CAPRICORN: You are finding yourself speaking the truth clearly and directly. Continue to maintain directness of communication and truth-telling. Know that what you seek is what everyone needs but you must bring it forth. You’re the builder. Perhaps you are not aware of your position of leadership. You have deep intellectual capacities along with your ability to observe, assess, direct, guide and most importantly, to love. Your chosen field is yet to find you. Carry on wherever you are with poise. You are very creative.

AQUARIUS: The next weeks will reveal to you new and different and expanded abilities, ones not experienced before. It is important to review each day, to exercise to your fullest capacity, become methodical and practical, organized, reasoned and, most of all patient. You are always seeking to learn something new. Travel is good. Find places of beauty, where art thrives. Travel creates a new reality where learning happens. As an artist from the future, you think of the many ways and paths toward success. You might need stronger shoes for that endeavor.

PISCES: You will seek honesty in the coming weeks and will experience perhaps a bit of shock when the opposite appears. Notice that you will shift, adapt and change a lot, depending on the situation. You study multiple subjects, not staying too long with one. You will speak the truth and find a neutral tone in which to convey difficult information. This is a sign of authority, rightly placed, where the mind and heart are balanced and encased in the Soul. Whatever you choose there is success. You must call in strength, though, to withstand the tasks ahead.

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