Aquarian Salon Invitation & What to do in Times of War

Aquarian Salon Invitation & What to do in Times of War

The next Aquarian Salon on Zoom will occur Saturday November 11 at 10am west coast time (USA). The theme is Inspiration. The Aquarian Salon is a gathering of people interested in the wisdom teachings, astrology, art and chatting together – like the salons in Italy and France long ago. Everyone is invited. Join Us by Zoom. Meeting ID – 839 0016 8325. Passcode – gam.

The War: About the war in the Mideast. It’s between two brothers in the Bible from ancient times. Often, we don’t know what to do in times of war. Prayer, thoughtfulness, acts of kindness in daily life are what we do in times of war. It was the prayers of humanity, on their knees in supplication, that turned the tide during WW2. In times of war. So many feel they cannot do anything during times of crisis and wars. But there is much that can be done with prayer, visualization (thoughtforms created that heal and solve problems) and acts of harmony and kindness in daily life.

Prayer in times of war. Active prayer is not hopeful petitioning but an art and science of mindful and deliberate working with subtle and spiritual energies and presences. Prayer can be a powerful response in times of war.

A quote from David Spangler: “Acts of kindness in everyday life counteract acts of violence in our world. We are able to replace hatred with love, fear with safety, intolerance with respect, all that will finally lead humanity into wholeness.”

How do we create Peace in our world? We identify with and visualize radiating the Will to Good and the Will to Love into the hearts and minds of humanity. This awakens Goodwill and Right Human Relations within humanity, which creates Peace– the peace, beauty, harmony, love and unity all of humanity seeks. Peace begins with disciples who know, understand and create this precipitation.

Saturn, after months of retrograde, has turned direct in Pisces. Saturn is in Pisces for 2 ½ years. Saturn is the planet of time, of structures and of disciples. Saturn will be restructuring our world, working with Pluto, the planet transforming our world. We stand at a new threshold. Looking back we see so much disintegrating. Looking forward we see a new door to walk through. Not yet….but soon!

Health Note: Saturn rules Capricorn. Capricorn rules the knees. With Saturn in Pisces everyone’s knees and feet may be hurting. Arnica (homeopathic) is helpful. Love, Risa

ARIES: Things unusual and otherworldly are occurring to Aries. Avoiding large groups in order to maintain a balanced comfort level allows you to continue with work unimpeded. If in too large a crowd confusion results. Safety of heart and mind become important. The most comfort now is through right use of technology, seeking like-minded others who speak your language. Aries is changing into a new self-identity. Finding your true peers and your true voice are most important.

TAURUS: Someone in particular is most important in your life and you cherish them and communicate from your heart that you care for them. You are often so serious, low key and seeking to know what the future holds. Know that your intentions are understood, received and reciprocated. Knowing this brings you to a state of calmness and balance, needed by you for some months. A new door opens into a new level of world work. It’s very subtle. Watch for it.

GEMINI: It would be good to reach out to friends both close by and far away, communicating with them your recent thoughts, hopes, wishes, needs, plans and goals. You are to be like a great north wind that in one day blows all the brown leaves off the trees and on that day, everyone knows autumn has begun. You are to communicate in such a way that people’s lives change in an instant. Do you have the courage to do such a task? Mercury helps you.

CANCER: You might want to consider travel to places far away, to places near and dear to your heart. Consider taking time away from home, which, in the past months, has become restrictive and quite a responsibility. Is there a difficulty, a complexity or a problem occurring at home that needs clear thought and action? It would be good to read Dante’s “Inferno.” It explains life’s wounds and mysteries, visions and transformations with profound insight. It connects to your intuitive insight in words.

LEO: Something you read, study, come across, some words, insights, philosophy, teachings, perhaps a teacher, not like a shadow but a sunbeam, falls across your path and suddenly your entire life is clarified, lit up and illuminated. Someone is in your life and their acts of kindness, care and service are recognized, appreciated and acknowledged by you. You realize this is a mentor for you and a certain love has been there all along. You have been distrustful in the past. Now you’re not.

VIRGO: Perhaps you’re feeling a bit under the weather, a bit hurt or wounded. There’s something that must be understood at the heart of the matter, meaning within your heart. Are you working too hard or not at all? Are you thinking too much and holding ancient self- criticism? Take the time to ask yourself who in your world you respect, honor, care about and look up to. Make a list. Then realize we love and seek to know and imitate those we are most like. This is a paradox. This revelation allows you a true reflection of self. You are they.

LIBRA: You’ve had many experiences in life, so much travel, multiple relationships, hardships, changes, partnerships and transformations. In the moment, these can feel at times too much to bear. However, as you reflect back, you see how each has strengthened and prepared you for where you are now. There’s a state of goodness, an understanding of values, a recognition by others of your abilities. Like Venus (your ruler) rising at dawn to herald the day, you too have become the Morning Star.

SCORPIO: It seems these days with Sun Mercury and Mars in Scorpio you are assessing how you communicate, what you desire and hope for and what you aspire to. These are different levels of the mind. These are important states of self-identity. Before entering all true Mystery Schools, the student reads these words about the entrance – “Know Thyself.” The stars and planets (symbols) each day help us to know ourselves. That is why astrology is the foundation of all true wisdom schools. Scorpio is the sign of the mysteries unveiled.

SAGITTARIUS: Your task is to go out and about into the community, observing quietly and silently for ways to serve, honor, help care for and be kind to others. This will bring you great happiness, joy and bliss along with great enjoyment and benefits. And possibility of meeting someone of great magnetic charisma, charm and power. If you gather up your gifts and apply them to your community, you will be surprised to find there’s a great need that only you can fulfill. Have the intention to encourage others and don’t talk about yourself for one week (or more).

CAPRICORN: The holiday season is about to begin. After showing up for charity events and craft fairs displaying your extensive creativity, you and loved ones are invited to multiple events. You may not want to attend, feeling a bit overwhelmed with being out and about in the world. Perhaps you need to stay behind veils of privacy and protection. This is good, revitalizing, and the appropriate choice especially for the family. And then, any moment you change your mind. Ask, what is best for everyone? What is best for you?

AQUARIUS: New people, events, ideas and places invite you to mingle about and learn new skills, new ways of interacting and new ways of being. Perhaps a new (old) career emerges and all steps and parts of your next developmental stage appear. Is there a wound around people mis-using or disregarding the value of your possessions? A wound about things in form disappearing, dissolving into the great abyss of change? Having less prepares you for more opportunities, more options, more happiness. When you can, call home.

PISCES: New thoughts, ideas, and aspirations appear. You don’t know how they will manifest. Keep them in your heart. Quietly, opportunities to fulfill these will arise in the New Year. New people, opportunities will occur next year. Signs of all things new are entering your life. For now, eliminate, clear out, give away what’s not needed. This can be difficult. Often, we’re forced to do this. Travel is possible, here, there, everywhere. You need a loved one by your side. The work you will do continues to illumine minds. It’s seen and recognized. Have courage.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute — a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.


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