Let Maya Flourish & Deception Rule

Let Maya Flourish & Deception Rule

In the Wisdom Teachings, each sign of the zodiac has two spiritual keynotes (personality and Soul keynote) – words for students to recite, study and ponder upon. Keynotes help in understanding the opportunities and qualities of the signs. In Scorpio, November’s sign, the personality keynote is “Let maya flourish and deception rule.”

Scorpio is the sign of desire (which must reorient to aspiration for the good). Maya is illusion on the plane of desire, the emotional plane. It is a mirage of the emotions (waters). Maya is clouded water that distorts and obscures the truth. The emotional plane is the plane of water. If the waters of our emotional life are calm and quiet, we are able to clearly perceive truths. If our emotional waters are agitated, thoughts and emotions become cloudy, distorted, polarized in desire. If the desires are not fulfilled we become angry, upset, disillusioned, and step into a downward spiral.

This difficult situation describes the emotional state of much of humanity. The consequence is that nothing, neither truth nor love, can penetrate these muddy emotional waters. One lives below the diaphragm. The heart is closed.

This type of reality is a test for humanity. Humanity must be resurrected into the light of truth. What brings humanity to such a place? Suffering, deep and terrible suffering (such as war) shifts humanity from the darkness to the light. Such is the Scorpio challenge, test and opportunity.

When attempting to reorient from the lower (below the diaphragm) to the higher (heart), a battle can ensue. This is what is occurring in our world. The Mideast is the solar plexus of the Earth. The solar plexus, below the heart, must reorient itself from destruction to the act of creation, from the dark to light, from the solar plexus to the heart. This is a most difficult reorientation as we can see with the latest war erupting in the Mideast.

Those who are able to reorient from dark to light, from the solar plexus to the heart of the matter become radiated with the Light of the Soul. And a different color, light, ray, sound and keynote is heard – ”Warrior am I and from the battle I have emerged triumphant!”

Note from Risa – the next Aquarian Salon (on zoom) is November 11th. More next week or on our website nightlightnews.org/

ARIES: For many weeks all things mysterious, secret, deeply psychological seem to catch your attention. You develop strategies and a specific philosophy that influence your finances, health, relationships and way of life. It’s important to research and investigate everything with both curiosity and integrity. No short cuts. The secret to all the mysteries is the study of symbols. What does the symbol of Aries signify?

TAURUS: You are able to see both sides of all discussions, debates and help final decisions to be made. You need lots of time before conclusions are definite. Often you take the other side and this can mystify the one attempting to be listened to and understood. Try to stand on the side of the speaker, articulating their side with them. Then use your intelligence to bring new ideas to the conversation. A new self-identity is expanding exponentially each day.

GEMINI: Your life becomes a list of detailed agendas and how to make plans come true. This is different for you. Usually you have quick thoughts that fly fly away. Now those ideas seek order and organization, making you feel useful and practical. Careful with health. Focus on anti-inflammatory foods and herbs (turmeric). Asking you some questions to ponder – who is your favorite author, musician, what music do you like, what is your favorite book, flower, color?

CANCER: I don’t think you know these things about yourself but your friends do. You’re actually very creative, humorous, engaging and someone to be trusted. You’re intelligent, clever, and keep promises. You’re curious, can tend to gossip (a form of communication), very strong in your beliefs and proud of your children (cats, dogs, fish, goat, etc.). You’re a good teacher, too with a green thumb. It’s time to talk with the devas in your garden.

LEO: In the coming weeks a great imagination takes hold and big dreams appear, too. Maintain a journal of these ideas, ideals, visions and dreams. They are unusual and important for your future. How is your home? Does it radiate an aura of intelligent living with lots of books on psychology, history and religion everywhere? What is traditional in your home? Perhaps a relative from ancient times showed up for Halloween. Actually, we are our relatives.

VIRGO: You are more than usual curious and interested in things in print, with teachers teaching, exchanging ideas, reading news articles, and perhaps talking with others either in a salon type setting or over fences, rose and berry bushes. Everything in your life is varied and variable. So you find yourself with a shorter attention span – useful for ones who are curious. After a while you can become nervous. You are like a butterfly in a field or meadow of flowers.

LIBRA: How has your life been? Did you travel? Did angels appear in your life to help you overcome a difficulty? You often realize things before they appear to others. You made a choice that saved your life. Tell everyone not to ask what your plans are. You cannot be pushed into any situations, ideas or plans. All must be done in your own timing, or you feel enslaved. Venus is in Virgo, soon to enter Libra. Venus is your protector. Ask her for help with relationships.

SCORPIO: Four lights, along with the Sun are now in Scorpio. You are feeling the need to free yourself from any restrictions. However, everyone needs discipline and structure to grow. Then freedom and liberty are better understood. You feel restless, changeable, smart and versatile. You may talk in ways that add a bit of mischief to conversations. Scorpio offers everyone tests to see if they have the strength and courage to be disciples. What are your thoughts on this subject?

SAGITTARIUS: You’re re-developing and re-cultivating trust in yourself and your communication. Many place their trust in you for your display of discretion and confidentiality. I suggest no more analyzing motives, dreams or hunches. This can make one feel confused and incoherent. Instead focus on the fact that life’s a paradox, everything’s a symbol, and religious ideas challenge us. You will communicate more clearly soon. What questions do you have?

CAPRICORN: You’re endlessly curious about others and how they interact. You wonder about many things – how people group together, about all things community, new ideas, new books, and the need to be with forward-thinking, equanimity-minded people. Where are they? you ask, because you are seeking companionship and friendship. Call to them from your heart. They will eventually come forth. You are Persephone during fall and winter. Eat pomegranates and all things orange.

AQUARIUS: Language is your gift, and you use it in various ways. It’s a talent to be able to communicate with humanity on different levels. You have talent negotiating and speaking with those in authority. Often you have two or more jobs in many different areas while always on the move. You need change, freedom, challenges and stimulation. To all situations you bring forth the new. You are from the future. Study starlight and cold fusion. You need a new lamp.

PISCES: You’re skilled at seeing the depth within all situations, the causal reality behind appearances. Always curious, you’re always learning. You want to exchange ideas, celebrate different philosophies, share, teach and present different cultures. Sounds like you need a bookstore, a studio, a schoolhouse, a center. Your time is almost here when those dreams come true. Study Orion, Sirius and the Magi Astrologer Kings bearing gifts. Advent, Hanukkah and Christmas are almost here! Altars and celebrations of light.

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