Days of Forgiveness, Forgetting & Decision in the Season of Autumn

Days of Forgiveness, Forgetting & Decision in the Season of Autumn

Esoteric Astrology as news for week September 20 – 26, 2023

Days of Forgiveness, Forgetting & Decision in the Season of Autumn

Friday, September 22, 2023, around midnight, in northern latitudes, the Sun enters Libra and it’s the autumn equinox. In the southern latitudes, the Sun is entering Aries and it’s the spring equinox. Everything is equal on earth – north and south, east and west, up and down, here and there. Disciples recognize this.

All sacred festivals of the year begin with the equinoxes and solstices following the passage of the Sun, each with its different light. At the equinoxes, the Sun is at the equator, balanced between north and south and so the days and nights are equal and, everywhere, there is an equilibrium between spirit and matter.

These are the best times for spiritual practices. Alignment to the golden light is of particular importance at Autumn Equinox, which corresponds to the midnight hour. The forces flowing through the universe, via the Sun, have an extreme intensity at solstices and equinoxes, the 4 different lights influencing the earth in special and auspicious ways.

The Autumn Equinox occurs when Sun enters Libra – sign of justice and equilibrium. The secular (out in the world) calendar of the Hebrew people always begins in the month of Tishri (Hebrew for September) near Autumn Equinox.

A Milepost (marker) – In the ancient Greek temples. Virgo (Astrea, Virgin of the Skies) held in her hands the Scales of Judgment (Libra) which extended to Scorpio (reorientation, call to discipleship). Libra is thus the milepost (marker) –the sign, time and place of decision, pointing on one hand to the path of Virgo (past) and the other pointing to Scorpio (testing).

Libra asks each of us, “Which direction will you choose?”

Libra is the “parting of the ways.” It provides us with an interim time to consider this question of direction. Every seeker comes to this time of decision on their own. It is a momentous decision, especially during this Kali Yuga.

In the Jewish calendar we are in the Days of Awe or Days of Forgiveness. This began on September 15, with Rosh Hashanah (celebrating G-d’s creation of the world) and culminates at Yom Kippur (the holiest day of the Jewish year), or Day of Atonement (September 24/25). If we have forgiven others and asked for forgiveness, if our hearts are pure, “G-d writes and seals our name in the Book of Life for another year”. I offer these Hebrew words to everyone reading this column – “G’mar Hatima Tova” (May you be sealed in the Book of Life for another year)! May we all.

ARIES: The sign Virgo with its new and full moons brought forth the idea of service (which means care), first to self then to others. This is a time of asking and pondering upon what and whom we serve? In daily life order and organization are needed, along with a focus on health and well-being. As Virgo called for purification, Libra calls for harmony. Allow all that is not harmonious to quietly fall away. You discover and new livingness and a renewed faith in yourself.

TAURUS: As Libra begins to unfold the golden autumn light, the thought of harmony with others appears in our thoughts. And then a new level of courage is offered so you can begin to take little steps and risks along the way. In order to help bring forth the new realities for the new era, one must have confidence that they are correct. Directions given to each of us are like bread crumbs on the path. You must learn a bit more about working as a team under the dual umbrellas of care and cooperation.

GEMINI: Two areas of life are activated – that of home and the other of work in the world – one inner and one outer. Both need a new level of care and attention for both are changing. You work instinctually when it comes to family and home. Your wounds can be stimulated thinking of being out and about in the world. Recognize what the wounds may be. Let the knowledge simply wash over you. Take Ignatia Amara (homeopath for grief). Home at this time is your safeguard.

CANCER: What is needed in our world today, with friends and family, is the sharing of our talents, gifts and abilities, along with our knowledge and experiences. We all must gather into communities whereever we are. You often keep information to yourself under your shell of protection. However, there are so many who need your knowledge, expertise, ways of knowing and living. Please consider sharing more. The new era is unfolding and it needs the Cancer qualities of nurturing and nourishment to maintain momentum. These are your gifts.

LEO: Security, safety and well-being, your own and for others, become a significant focus along with concern about finances and resources. They are all different levels of thriving and the art of living. How would you make yourself more secure and comfortable? How would you best help others in need? Is there another kingdom (animal, plant, mineral) you are caring for? Ponder upon what intimacy means to you. It’s time to begin a new creative endeavor. One that places you on the path of beauty.

VIRGO: You may be called to act with more courage and confidence than is usual concerning how you see and identify who you are to yourself. Events may occur that shift all ideas and belief systems. Your thoughts about reality held for so long may actually turn out not to be real. What this means, after a bit of shock, is a new journey begins for you as old ways quickly pass away. It’s good to assess how you present yourself to the world. As we change internally our appearance seeks to change too. Becoming more beautiful.

LIBRA: Inner spiritual resources can come to your aid when you feel at sea, adrift, frightened, confused and without direction. Prayer is the key. Prayer helps us sustain any storms that occur, any illnesses that appear. It’s good to even storm heaven when there is great need. Much of what you have relied upon, even desires, drift away. Though it seems as if answers are covered by a mist, persevere in your prayers of asking and the veils will fall away. You’ve built up strong inner resources over the years. Prayer offers us another type of strength.

SCORPIO: A new creative self-identity is attempting to form itself within your heart and mind. Often, we form new identities when we step into the burning ground. There may have been expectations that didn’t quite work out as planned or hoped for. There are people, friends, hopes, wishes and dreams hovering about in the airs around you. Be sure to communicate with those who love and support you. Soon new challenges will come your way. Scorpio loves challenges. It’s always something…reorienting, transforming, appearing disappearing, dying, shifting or being born.

SAGITTARIUS: Something has happened during this retrograde season. With six retrogrades in the sky I see they are affecting your sense of values, your relationship to religion, your wound, the pain of which comes and goes, your wondering if you will ever reach your goals, and your realization that everything from before may not be the reality hereafter. You’re called now to uphold a new reality and to assume different tasks in the world. You undertake this with bravado and a sense of theatre. As the clouds clear, and the mists part, you will understand.

CAPRICORN: So many things about the future have felt misty, cloudy and uncertain. Everywhere you look there is a need. And those that need are looking to you to fulfill them. Tending to yourself often gets lost, laid aside. Until exhaustion stops you in your tracks. When you rest, when you are able to be creative, life turns around again, falls into place. There is someone who needs special tending and encouragement. Consult most unusual doctors for the cure. Multiple hands are steadier, ideas are able to be turned into action. Respond to offers for help Choose all of them. Then you can laugh again.

AQUARIUS: You’re learning how well you can provide for yourself. You’re recognizing your creative efforts and daily focus keep you well protected and cared for. I have written many times that Aquarians are the ones who come from the future. So they know the future. Rather like an “unthought known.” And therefore all they experience prepares others who watch them for that future, for the times to come. You are valuable. You are our forerunner. Each night before sleep offer gratitude to those who love you. Include angels who care for you at night in your prayers of gratitude.

PISCES: There is a need for clarity about the quality and nature of relationships with intimates, friends, acquaintances. Some contacts and associates have fallen away and some you no longer care to be part of. This signifies that you are walking down a different path now, entering into new studies, working on new and different goals. At first recollection there’s a bit of sadness. Then you turn toward the new lands offered. A new world comes into view. It’s a world of cooperation, sharing, solidarity, team work, cohesion, harmony and unanimity – principles of the new Aquarian era.

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