A Season of Retrogrades – Pause, Assessment & Purification

A Season of Retrogrades – Pause, Assessment & Purification

We have entered a retrograde season. As of this writing, there are seven “lights” in the sky that are retrograde. Here is the list – Mercury (communications), Jupiter (love, wisdom, expansion), Saturn (structures, time), Uranus (revolutionary, radical, revelatory change), Neptune (refining us), Pluto (transformation) and Chiron (wounds/healing).

Retrogrades turn us inward for the purpose of reflection and to review and inquire deeply about our past. When planets retrograde, the past reappears, we are flooded with memories, decisions are delayed, plans are set aside for reflection. All areas of life and subjects associated with the retrograde planets are reviewed in order to either renew, revitalize, reorganize or set them aside forever.

Timing: Mercury, our communication and contacts with others, our thinking and planning is retrograde ‘til September 15 (the first night of Rosh Hashanah). Mercury however remains in its retrograde shadow until October 1st. Jupiter, Uranus and Chiron are retrograde ‘til the end of the year. Saturn ends its retrograde the first week of November. Neptune, the first week of December. And Pluto the second week of October. In November Vesta, the asteroid of our hidden inner found object of selves, also retrogrades.

Jupiter is the traveler, the pilgrimage, the journey, politics, justice, the Truth – it is all these things, expanded. With Jupiter retrograde, it is our inner selves, our heart, our understanding, that expands. Sometimes too much. It’s love of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, generosity, temperance. Jupiter is the king of the gods, the teacher, guru, higher mind, college, journeys and seeing the big picture. Jupiter is laws, religions, spiritual studies and ethics. During Jupiter retrograde previously unexplored blessings are revealed and a greater awareness and appreciation for all things beneficent and loving dawns on us. We seek to become all the goodness that appears to us. We become Goodwill ambassadors.

Saturn is time, the Law of Economy, the teacher, the Dweller on the Threshold, the unredeemed past. Saturn is the Ring Pass Not into greater realms we cannot enter without proper preparation. Saturn is the Lord who protected the Hebrew people in their forty years in the desert, from Egypt to Canaan. Saturn disciplines.

Retrograde times can often feel dreamlike, magical. The laws, time and reality are somehow different. It’s an upside-down time, a psychological turning inward, giving us a greater understanding and perspective on the past months. Working with retrogrades, understanding them, in our reviews, reflections and assessments we become White Magicians.

ARIES: You become diligent, dignified, bolder, cooperating more with research and investigation. Desire for recognition eventually becomes an aspiration for others to also be recognized and in the spotlight, so their gifts can be seen, identified and admired. Turning inwards, you will be able to detect and diagnose situations and their needs. A mystical and occult (two different levels of perception) sense overcomes you. You blend the two. Becoming a disciple.

TAURUS: You offer fairness and justice for everyone. You understand that “all minds are created equal.”. You seek ways to communicate, to compromise, conciliate and cooperate. You begin to speak the ways of Compassionate Communication (non-violent communication). All desires become the aspiration to harmonize and balance all interactions. You seek out leaders, bold and forceful to learn from. You become a leader. Sometimes you’re impetuous. Wear a bit of red more.

GEMINI: Usually found reading, writing or talking, sometimes in meadows amidst a bounty of flowers, your energy now focuses on activities that organize, order, and categorize efficiently, effectively and practically. You become logical (more so) and the aspiration to be pure and healthy outweighs the usual desires. Cooking and cleaning energetically become an industrious affair. Careful of cuts, scrapes and burns, mosquitoes and wasps. They’ll be gone soon. Cedar oil spray helps.

CANCER: You seek fun, games, pleasure, entertainment, and child’s play. You wonder where your childhood books and playthings went, remembering what you left behind. There are memories of the past. And perhaps some weeping, sorting and clearing. Some Cancers need to move or are looking for new homes. There’s lots of drama (crying, weeping, lamentations, remembrances.), lots of hard work being done. Soon in the future there will be playful energies, creative ideas, hopes, wishes, dreams coming true. And happiness.

LEO: You consider what your true inner feelings are towards your family. You find they can be somewhat conflicted these days and somewhat suppressed. Yet you are very loyal. If you work at home, all of a sudden you see how overworked you are and how overworked your home is, too. And set about changing the environment. Making it more liberated, more orderly, a bit more traditional. You need architectural Libran beauty all around.

VIRGO: Your mind is stimulated to such a degree that sometimes you feel a movement in the heart. At times you could also experience headaches. Stand in the Sun’s light, at dawn and dusk. Allowing the rays to penetrate shoulders and the back of your neck. The Sun’s healing radiance enters the body and goes directly to the spleen, which then distributes that light to all parts of the body. This light is uplifting and vitalizing. It neutralizes all conflicts, arguments and limitations.

LIBRA: You wake each morning trying to figure out how to gain wealth and material resources so you can achieve a certain visionary goal. Perhaps to build a house for mother, for the family or for the “family called humanity.” You battle with the choice of using resources for the self or for others. You have strong values and have worked passionately for them. You fight, battle and at times, defend your values. What are those values? Is someone left out?

SCORPIO: Scorpios are often if not always in some sort of evolutionary battle. Scorpios always experience testing, especially what is called the Nine Tests of the physical, emotional and lower mental levels. Mars gives you the endurance to handle these challenges. At times you feel like you’re dying. You are but you are also regenerating (internally) every moment. You are uncomplicated, always speaking the straight truth. This is your gift. Each day is different.

SAGITTARIUS: As the days progress notice you becoming sympathetic (more), receptive, affectionate and even more sensitive. The volume of your internal music is turned up. Anything not peaceful you turn away from. With great emotion and feelings (the two are different), you study what sacrifice means. Sometimes you’re sorrowful. You consider reading and writing poetry. The dream world beckons. You walk through that door seeking to help others, unassuming and unrecognized. Read Basho.

CAPRICORN: All this energy streams out of you towards those in need, towards friendships and things social, public and communal. You begin to consider what living in an organized intentional community would be like. You wonder where they are and could you help create one? You know success is achieved through collective cooperative action. You use the word cooperative at home. Your first community is family. You teach them first. You then turn outward to assess the world. You are a world server.

AQUARIUS: Notice yourself in the weeks to come – continued development of purpose, persistence, perseverance and determination, along with great practicality to carry out actions in a professional and business-like manner. You work hard all the time, often overtime, to gain position and reputation. Achieving success through long hours, endurance and overcoming obstacles. This is to be applauded, exalted. Good job, water carrier. Carry on.

PISCES: You seek adventure, something pioneering, a way of life reflecting your principles and beliefs. Sports, travel, publishing, religions, spiritual pursuits expand your consciousness and motivation. You seek resources to bring forth, anchor and build the new era’s visions for humanity . Often, among humanity, you are inspired to teach and uplift humanity. Be careful never to be critical and/or self-righteous. You need to explore and travel with someone to a place where the waters are crystal clear and sky blue.

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