Virgo, Daily Life, Livingness, Building the New World

Virgo, Daily Life, Livingness, Building the New World

Virgo is the sign of daily life and of pure livingness. It is the sign of care of self and others and of deeply compassionate service. There is an immediate human need in our culture and civilization at this time of how to, through the lens of the daily life (Virgo) create a future for humanity that transcends the present-day darkness, immorality, violence, weaponization and corruption. These are the symptoms of humanity living in the Age of Darkness, the Age of the Kali Yuga (where only one-fourth of the spiritual light is available).

The Soul (which Virgo holds within her body) is an instrument and tool within each person that helps unfold the future, offering new thought forms, ideas, perceptions, revelations to use for the creation of a new civilization.

In Virgo, and under the light of the Soul of humanity, and in the present retrogrades, the future can and must be pondered upon. In retrogrades revelations occur and from this a true revolution can come forth. Questions too must be asked such as “How can we make our lives, towns, villages, cities into places where people thrive, where children have true education, where the elderly have comfort, care and access? How do we assemble the highest quality of human habitat with safe neighborhoods for all, promoting belonging, community, beauty, the rural, the agricultural, the village. How do we create towns and cities based upon these principles and “generate belonging on a civic scale? What architecture do we apply to our cities that brings in the highest level of energy for humanity? What is an architecture made by and for the people? What is the best pattern of design to adapt that brings forth nature, life itself and the most beauty and practicality, wherein humanity can thrive?”

Within these questions there is the idea of biologic architecture. And beauty. These same questions were the basis for architect, builder, professor emeritus (UC Berkeley) Christopher Alexander’s, “A Pattern Language.” See also

Note on retrogrades. By mid-week Uranus and Jupiter will be retrograde, joining Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron also retrograde. We are in deep inward turning retrograde season. Take care everyone. Treat everyone with tenderness.

ARIES: In the retrogrades, be careful with love and actually all encounters with intimates, loved ones, those near, dear and close to you, including business partners, etc. You (or they) may feel estranged, separate, unloved and uncared for, yearning for contact (which releases Love). Those in your life will seek the magnet charms you usually lavish on what you yourself love. We are, during this time, to “be of love a little more careful than of anything.” (poet e.e. cummings). See to this every moment.

TAURUS: Each day may feel more and more difficult, like climbing a rocky mountain. There could be tiredness, exhaustion, listlessness, no energy and perhaps confusion. One needs careful attention to diet, health and well-being. All choices made in the past many years need re-assessing. What health, life, living, home, location, values and choices were made? Review all of these in the retrogrades. As you shift direction, new realities will emerge, new values, new ways of living. You want to be prepared. Ponder upon what Path you’re on. It will change soon. Someone waits for you.

GEMINI: Do you feel your creative process is at a standstill? Do you recognize and know what your creative process is? You have a ‘prophetic imagination. This is what you have when aligned with the Soul. It is both like and unlike that of Pisces’ imagination. Gemini’s imagination has hope for the future and a clear understanding of the dilemmas humanity presently faces. During this Mercury/Venus retrograde (guarding and guiding you), ponder upon a critique and understanding of the present world situations. What are your thoughts about these times?

CANCER: You nourish new ideas that eventually anchor themselves in form and matter. Your ideas, thoughts and words impress the minds and hearts of listeners, Perhaps you can begin to help humanity envision a new and vibrant way of life, not the old materialism as we have known it, but the new materialism that responds to world need. This is Soul work and the Soul for Cancer is a lighted house of care, comfort and illumination. You illumine the night. Like the one-night-blooming cactus flower, Cereas. Note its name sounds like Sirius.

LEO: I’m wondering if there is a sorrow for things that occurred in the family long ago. Perhaps there is a deep lament for childhood experiences, or for one or more family member deaths. It would be good to express yourself about childhood experiences, the family lineage and any and all things deeply on your mind. This sharing will open up new levels of trust and self-care. The more you talk, the more the hidden is revealed, the more understanding you have. This becomes a healing for you. Many masks are removed.

VIRGO: It would be good to hang mirrors everywhere and look into them, pondering upon who you are, where you came from, your self0 identity then, now and in the future. It is good to assess and re-assess everything about yourself including what you value to be most important in your life. Create an I Value book. It can join your Retrograde Journal and Esoteric Quotes book. Back to values. Write down everything you value. Begin with yourself whether you believe this or not. What do you value about yourself?

LIBRA: When you think of your life as a child, what do you remember? What areas in your life that are successful now can be traced back to what you experienced, heard and were taught as a child? What beliefs do you carry into all parts of your life that are based upon childhood? Do you have certain resistances? In what level of understanding, in what light do you see your parents? Do you know, practice and are you able to understand the 4th Commandment? It’s a spiritual law. There is so much to assess in the retrogrades!

SCORPIO: I am going to ask you unusual, deep and perhaps difficult questions. Do you feel, in any way, complicit with the materialistic (read destructive) forces that are accepted within the dominant culture? Do you ever explore or encounter new ways of being that would undermine the materiality of the accepted dominant culture? Why am I asking you these questions? Because you understand the underbelly of everything there is – all the dark hidden recessed realities . And because, through you, whatever you do, everything is able to reorient towards the light.

SAGITTARIUS: There is a pilgrimage many take that makes me think of you. Sagittarius is really the pilgrim on long journey, often for spiritual purposes. Many Sagittarians have walked, want to walk, will walk this pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago. One follows pathways through towns from the Middle Ages, encountering icons from medieval Christianity and the Old Continent, ending at the shrine of St. James. The pilgrimage is connected to the heavens in a most hidden way. The Spanish name, El Camino de Santiago, is the astronomical name for the Milky Way. There is a legend that the stars in the Milky Way were formed from the dust raised by travelling pilgrims.

CAPRICORN: You are on the brink, the edge, the precipice, border, boundary, periphery, perimeter of a new reality that soon moves you into the center of everyone’s world. Perhaps it is from writing or some form of artistry. This is both inviting and not. You’ve tried to open many doors and felt often they were closed. Now as they open, you peek inside, realizing there is a choice given – to walk through or return home. There you rest, remember, retreat, reassess and review who you are. Before making final decisions. You’re destined to be known. For now, rest is what’s needed.

AQUARIUS: You want to travel, but for multiple reasons that is not available now. Something holds you back. If you do decide to travel, things may fall apart. Planning of traveling now can create difficulties. The retrogrades offer us challenges. You seek relationships but experience conflict and chaos instead. I want to remind you that conflict eventually leads to harmony Conflict means something needs to change. From and through conflict a new harmony arises. Humanity works and learns through conflict. Conflict is a call to cooperation. Know that for what you want in life, you must consider all the ways of cooperation.

PISCES: Something within relationships shifts, changes, is released, turns upside down with perhaps an upheaval. There is a desire to return to an original place (or person). It feels almost impossible. As this occurs, as you’re called here and there, by necessity or by desire (of others), you remember to remain quiet and still within the truth of your own needs. Not just wants, but needs. They are different. It seems you’ve stopped praying, bordering on having no hope. Sometimes we must stop everything. Even prayer. Then something lovely our way comes. In right timing. Star-filled and veiled.

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