Experiment in Freedom – July 4, 1776

Experiment in Freedom – July 4, 1776

Esoteric Astrology as news for week June 28 – July 4, 2023

Experiment in Freedom – July 4, 1776

The Week: Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on Friday. Neptune refines us, lets us peer through the fogs of maya and veils of illusion so we may see spiritual worlds. Monday is a full moon festival. And Tuesday is the birthday of the United States.

Monday’s Cancer solar festival, at the time of the full moon, occurs at 11 degrees Cancer. The New Group of World Servers, in meditation deep, recite the Cancer seed thought, “I build a lighted house and therein dwell.” The full moon occurs the day before the birthday of the United States, shining its bright nourishing light on humanity and the United States July 4thfestivities.

Tuesday, July 4, 2023 is the 247th birthday of the United States of America, a country created by the Hierarchy (inner spiritual government) as an experiment in freedom (the first country created to develop the concepts of freedom and liberty).

Externally, the U.S. was formed in order to liberate itself from England (freedom from the old ways).

Each country is called to do a “great task.” The task of the United States and its people is to “stand in the Light and lead humanity within and towards that light.”

The United States, in this time of great crisis, as we shift from the Pisces Age to the new Age (Aquarius) and as we continue to experience the darkness of the Kali Yuga, is in need of a new informed, awakened and enlightened humanity and new enlightened servers (the New Group of World Servers).

The United States was created under the light of both the sign of Cancer (the nourisher) and of the blue star Sirius, where love originates. On July 4th each of us, under the Sirius and Cancer lights, is asked to become a Light for the World, a light that ‘shines over land and sea, a light that nurtures & nourishes the little ones” (humanity). As we dedicate ourselves to this endeavor, we recite the ancient Mantram of Service together. “We know O Lords of Life and Love about the needs. Touch our hearts anew with love, so we may love and give. Help us, O Lord, to know and to do our part in the world.”

ARIES: The month ahead sees you working towards all that you value. If you don’t actually know what your values are, then be a keen observer of yourself – your thoughts, ideas, ideals, actions, friends, focus and communications. You may be slower than usual, tending what you love (and value) with extra care. You see your ambition, the acquiring of possessions, your impatience or impulsiveness. Your senses are more alive. You may eat more. Everything changes.

TAURUS: You have the Vulcan volcanic ability to make gold out of lead. You have so many abilities, you can share a few. Notice any reactions to events and people. You’re more communicative, energetic, active, forceful and sometimes, a bit aggressive (shocking!). For a moment or two it’s ok for you to be overly assertive. Rarely do you do such things. Each day there’s more and more to do in your life. Do all that you can to achieve poise and equilibrium. And rest more.

GEMINI: Jupiter is in your 12th house of Pisces. You become more spiritual, perhaps religious, more sensitive, reluctant to push the river. Confidence has taken a different path than you’ve taken before. Working a bit more in secret, you can be mysterious and hidden away. Gradually instinct becomes intuition and the past merges with the present and life becomes more cherished. Dreams (day and night) appear, imagination is creative. Music of the spheres is heard.

CANCER: It is most important to think about efforts at cooperation that positively impact a group. With so many thoughts and ideas flowing through your mind, you may be talking more. It’s a stage of refining and redefining yourself and assessing ever-changing values. You may participate in a team effort, working toward a humanitarian goal. It’s most important to have daily agendas, schedules, plans and goals mapped out. They become your purpose, order and protection.

LEO: You are a valued leader, the one everyone emulates, learns from and looks and hopes to become. You’re recognized for your efforts and accomplishments. This pleases you, though you often hide your pleasure. A Leo, to evolve, must be seen, recognized, praised and applauded for their efforts, gifts, talents, creative abilities. Praise is how (especially) Leos can more fully identify themselves. Praise helps Leos say, “I am because of what I create (and you see me!).” Eventually you will turn to others and praise them too.

VIRGO: There is a need, hope, wish and hunger for adventure far away from everyday life. There’s a restlessness that, no longer repressed, must be released. Your mind and heart actually do need expansion through travel and new experiences. All the energy you’re feeling will propel you into new journeys, new studies, new interests, new books and new learning. Stay away from overt opinions, disagreements, arguments and things illegal. If traveling, travel with a group. Get sturdy shoes, too.

LIBRA: Careful with projecting any sort of anger from long ago toward others, especially family and intimates. You may be unaware of doing this. Are there issues with joint money and resources? Are there conflicts and crises concerning different values and of needs not met? Sometimes you just want to act and be on your own. This is both subtle and overt. Careful of consequences. Begin with knowing your true needs. Then step forward with courage and kindness. Seek to love more. Out of conflict comes great harmony.

SCORPIO: Everything may be changing or challenging, both professionally as well as personally. Should you encounter conflict, attempt to see if it’s a reflection of your own internal conflicts. This is how and why conflicts occur. They also appear after great struggle so a new level of harmony will emerge. Everything will be conflictual, then it resolves, then there’s rapprochement and love reappears. Help someone, in the meantime. Be as kind as you can be. And pray more for more courage.

SAGITTARIUS: Interesting new (and more) energy appears in the daily routines, work schedules, workloads and the groups you interact with. Focus on health matters – exercise, diet, walking, running, biking, yoga, etc. A daily regime of physical activity is important or restlessness, frustration, misunderstanding, depression, anger, mental and emotional distortions result. Be cooperative when working with others. Be on time. Respond. Don’t dispute anything. Recite silent Ohms. “Laughter is the best meditation. Laughter is a yoga practice,” said Alan Watts.

CAPRICORN: You might have lots of energy for actions out in the world. But really there’s a great need to rest, reflect and contemplate. You have become like Persephone. Reappearing in the summer after half a year underground. Drink pomegranate juice now, liquids red, orange, yellow, deep blue. At times Pluto had a jealousy issue. Do you see that in your life with those around you? Tend to close loved ones. Speak words of love. Is communication difficult at times? Is there a wound occurring? Is your home changing? So many questions! Write all about it!

AQUARIUS: Take special care of money and resources. Or they will float away someday. Be more protective and defensive with yourself in order to have more security. Are you concerned about your family? You will be more moody, restless at home with possible family conflict or disputes. If previous issues from the past emerge, it’s time to talk with someone about them. Perhaps you’re asking “where is my true home?” When reciting Ohms at the end of the day, intone them from the heart in gratitude for all that you have been given.

PISCES: Work on bringing order and organization to your environments each day. While doing so, allow yourself to consider future aspirations. Talk about your ideas, hopes, wishes, dreams and aspirations. Communications may become tense and heated, with disagreements emerging. Allow this to occur, step back, observe any impatience and/or impulsiveness. Detach a bit. This is Mars in Leo at work. Everyone’s a leader. Tend to hands and feet with care. Sew, draw, paint and journal. Use your mind (visualization) to create the needed order and beauty. Softly on little cat’s feet it comes.

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