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Planets Guarding & Guiding Humanity Each Day of the Week

Esoteric Astrology as news for week June 7-14, 2023 Planets Guarding & Guiding Humanity Each Day of the Week We are in Gemini now, learning new things. Gemini is the

Cover Story

SoNA releases first-ever album of cutting edge music

“New Canons” is the first album ever for the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas — and the first commercial recording of each of the compositions included on it: “Latency Canons” by Ray Lustig,

In The News

NWA and River Valley celebrate Pride Month in June

Pride Month events will continue throughout June. Many events are planned for the end of June to commemorate the very first Pride Parade held in New York City on the


New to NWA, Theatre Collective announces first season on stage

Some people get together at a party and plan … oh, a vacation or a camping trip or a night out. The people who got together at Kailey Erwin’s in


Listen Here! Local R&B singer Pura Coco talks about music, shares new song

Pura Coco is easy to root for with her self-assured lyrics, her smooth delivery full of good vibes and self-love. Perhaps that’s why she never fails to get the crowd


University of the Ozarks professor wins first place in FSRAM Invitational

As visitors contemplate this year’s annual invitational art show at the Fort Smith Regional Art Museum, there’s more to see than ever in the 75 years of FSRAM’s existence. Submissions

Family Friendly

FSRAM offers summer Saturday fun, along with camps for kids

The Fort Smith Regional Art Museum is almost as busy as your community swimming pool this summer. The FSRAM Invitational: “Odyssey” is on show through July 30 with submissions from

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

June 8 (Thursday) Crimes & Clues Book Club — “Seven Lies” by Elizabeth Key, 9:30 a.m., Fayetteville Public Library. Free. “Rodeo Kids” — A children’s summer program with rodeo


LIVE! Music: John Fullbright opens Gulley Park concerts; Tim Eason leads songwriting in Eureka Springs

John Fullbright kicks off the Gulley Park concert series June 8 in Fayetteville. Each concert starts at 7 p.m. at the Gulley Park Gazebo. Nik Parr & The Selfless Lovers

Male Call

Tips for expanding your shirt collection

Q. I  need to reload my shirt drawer. I’m wondering a) if there are any current or out-of-style shirts I should be on the lookout for, and b) which varieties