Planets Guarding & Guiding Humanity Each Day of the Week

Planets Guarding & Guiding Humanity Each Day of the Week

Esoteric Astrology as news for week June 7-14, 2023

Planets Guarding & Guiding Humanity Each Day of the Week

We are in Gemini now, learning new things. Gemini is the sign of curiosity, of naming things, and learning what relates to what. In terms of things being related, there is a relationship between the planets and the days of the week.

Planets and stars carry frequencies that influence us. Each day of the week is named after a planet which offers us different and expanded experiences and opportunities. Therefore each day of the week, like each of us, is distinct and unique. The planets each day guard, direct and guide humanity. What are they?

Wednesday – Mercury’s day. With Mercury (Ray 4 of Harmony emerging out of conflict and chaos) we come upon new ideas, learn new things, talk a lot, apply discernment to all thoughts, words and actions.

Thursday is Jupiter’s day of Love/Wisdom (Ray 2). Jupiter teaches us to be loving, expansive, wise and generous. The New Group of World Servers prepare in meditation for the Reappearance of Christ (Aquarian World Teacher whose precipitation begins 2025). Chaos and conflicts in the world always presage the appearance of a World Teacher, carrying a fiery sword and the Rule of Law.

Friday, Venus (Ray 5 of Truth, (unbiased) Science and Concrete Knowledge) guides us towards beauty and kindness. Venus unifies all separations. Our God came from Venus. (which begins to retrograde July 23 this year).

Saturday’s name is really Saturn (Ray 3 of Divine Intelligence), the Teacher, who guarded and guided the Jewish people through their 40 years in the desert. Saturn is the Dweller on the Threshold (karma) seeking the Angels of the Presence (Venus). We learn more, clarify all matters, complete our past week with gratitude under Saturn.

Sunday, the Sun’s Day. A golden day of rest, reflection, ease, comfort and contemplating the week ahead. We do the Sun Salutation (yoga).

Monday – the moon (Ray 4) watches over humanity calling us to nourish and nurture ourselves and others. Previously, Monday was wash day.

Tuesday – Mars (Ray 6) – all actions, hopes, dreams, wishes are expressed with kindness, and in a rhythmic regulatory way, creating Goodwill which uplifts and transforms all that it touches. Each day we contact these planets. They are actually Great Beings. At the end of each day, because of them, we see that our days were good. Note: Next Wednesday is Flag Day. Their symbols and colors represent the spirit, visions and aspirations of the people the flag flies over.

ARIES: Being creative is a self-identity. Creativity seeks you every moment, calling you to initiate new endeavors that respond to all the changes coming your way in terms of work, how you’re recognized, relationships and self-identity, which is more than you think. Observe everything with calmness. Tend to health with a focus on proper digestion (probiotics, enzymes, green foods, etc.). Stand at the center of dispassion with heart aflame yet still.

TAURUS: Something at home and something about your relationship must hold your focused attention. There’s much to be done here. Ask yourself what the bigger picture is concerning your life, home, geography, relationships, partnerships. Careful if working in the hot sun. You may not be absorbing enough water. Maintain proper and adequate electrolytes each day. Something challenges you, calling you to consider other realities. Cultivate joy. It changes others.

GEMINI: Mercury, the Messenger is your personal planet that guards and guides you. A line of love light streams directly into your mind and heart. It creates a framework within that unifies all dualities and polarities but only if you love (Ray 2) more, which happens when enough information has been gathered. Study and gather facts on finances, resources, gold and silver, land, gardens, and foods that sustain.

CANCER: Communication may be difficult and you may feel anger and frustration. Simultaneously others could be acting out those feelings for you. There’s a situation with money. Whatever you offer a gate opens. Always what you give is returned tenfold. That’s a cosmic law. Is there a wound or hurt occurring? Something you don’t understand and it’s limiting you? A cold laser light would help.

LEO: Sitting amidst your Sun is the past providing you with an opportunity to consider forgiveness as a healing path. Gratitude is walking hand in hand with forgiveness. These ask that you value every person, event and occurrence in your life. When you’re able to understand and work on these, a new breath of life fills you and anything that restricts and obstructs disappears.

VIRGO: As you begin new projects, navigate through them slowly, allowing yourself deep rest so your physical body, emotions and mind can restructure, integrate fresh thoughts, ideas and new realities. We need this reorientation several times in our lives so new values and inner resources can emerge from spiritual sources. There is a deep gestation occurring within. It’s the Soul seeking to more fully direct your personality. Just say yes…and a magical transformation happens.

LIBRA: You jump between home and work, attempting to be fully present in both. Emotions pull you home for there is a deep need for rest. Both home and work offer comfort in different ways. Daily life seems complicated at times with relationships ever-shifting. Are you stretched out on a cross, attention called in multiple directions? Nothing’s consistent. You’re learning how to navigate the waters of change. Return to the foundations of your upbringing. Understanding slowly emerges.

SCORPIO: Try not to be careless when communicating about people’s lives. Maintain ethics within the constant variations of reality. Your values have shifted so now you’re evaluating interactions. This is good. Home is dissolving and coming together simultaneously, so you seek comfort within groups. A wound seems to come from the past/future settling in the present. Don’t worry about these strange occurrences. They are normal in times of reorientation.

SAGITTARIUS: There is a need to focus on finances, valuations, money and resources. Questions appear concerning what it is you truly value. It’s good to create a list of values and principles concerning all aspects of life; personal, professional, political, public, possessions, people. Who do you value? And why? What do you value, in terms of relationships and communication? And why? Your inner self needs to be discovered more deeply and so these questions are posed. Pluto in Aquarius is asking.

CAPRICORN: An illumination, a fruition, a completion and then a new beginning occurs simultaneously. Do you (like Libra) feel stretched upon a cross, called in four directions? The direction of others, of partnerships, colleagues; of work and being recognized in the world, of home, family and daily realities, and finally yourself (where are you)? This can all feel very complex. Acknowledge all realities. Place an angel at each of the four directions in your home and garden. Stand at the center of the cross and willingly, intelligently and lovingly direct those angels to assist you.

AQUARIUS: Each day seems filled with responsibilities, tasks, errands, restorations, healing and strivings for the purpose of comfort, care and nurturance. On the other hand a dreaminess seems to permeate your days and nights. Your choices and relationships become more important and you wonder if you need to learn new and different communication skills. The answer is yes. Ones that are less strict and more conciliatory. Listen deeply to what others are saying. Reflect their words back to them. This has magical results.

PISCES: As you step more into the world, new abilities are called forth that awaken both your sense of self-identity and your ability to direct, teach, work with and serve others. All of these “others” need nurturing. They are the “little ones” (seekers). And you’re the one recognized as having the needed teaching and nurturing qualities. You may feel a great tension and unease of not being in the right place. Yet you must continue forward. Something will change soon. Quietly and bravely carry on.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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